Notre-Dame Cathedral Chartres


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Yes, it's Chartres for sure. Nice addition to regular blueprints! :)

Brings back memories for me; I did a study of Chartres Cathedral for the history of architecture course about twenty years ago when I was studying in Helsinki University of Technology.

I notice a couple of chapels are missing from the plan: Saint-Piat 1324-49 and Vendome 1415-20. These were later additions to the cathedral, so the plan is good for the time before them. However, the western facade wasn't completed to the state shown in the drawing until 1507-13 when the northern (on the left; the higher and in late gothic style) belfry was finished. So if one models the cathedral purely according to these drawings he'll/she'll have something that is a bit anachronistic.
Yeah you're right :) I've been there and we had a little tour (with ourselfs and a leeflet :grin: ), there we read this cathedral took several hundred (I think.. it's been a few years since) years to build. But standing in front of it, it really caught my attention. I still think of this as the most beautyful cathedral I've seen in real life!

@Raphael: Well, the title sais Chartres :p And the Notre Dame, compared with this thing, looks horrible :grin: