Nurbs export to Maya Cars


I've been working on some cars. At start I used Polygonal modeling, but recently I switched to Nurbs modeling. I'm using Rhino now for surface modeling but I want to export the result into Maya with an almost perfect wire. Should I split each surfaces that the edges of the surface meet with the other edge or what technique should I use? Should I not use splitting trimming and boolean operations? Due to the exporting process Rhino makes the polys that even if the surfaces are matched the poly edges won't meet even though when I don't use the things I mentioned above. So I'm really confused and it may be sensible from my post.

I would really appreciate if you could give some tips or techniques especially for Rhino how u do those things.

Thanks in advance.
Hi rEddieD, you should just export your work in iges format and import into Maya nurbs directly (its perfectly handled in maya). The mesh job could be done for rendering in Maya then. Don't use Rhino mesher.
Hello thanks for the fast reply. I'll try it out. I used it a long time ago. I got some problems with it though. Do you think that it's possible to use trim and tools like that and still get good result with surface mathing? By the way I'm doing a RS7 Audi.
are you planning to use maya for rendering only or for modelling too ? if you're modelling in Rhino, make sure your object have joined surfaces before exporting them. This way maya will see the continuity between them a mesh with no holes at surface boundaries. Note that to join properly surfaces need to be matching at least in position.
I'm planning to cut it apart and then animate it. Sorry I didn't mention it, but i wanted to convert it to polys for that reason. I see You have a large all-comprehesive knowledge of modeling so if it's not a problem I may ask some questions in the future. I don't know a lot about NURBS modeling and the conversion method. I may have to cut it in Rhino and rebuild each surface, so I get the poly edges to meet at the same exact point. I've seen some pictures of the NFS cars wireframe view and it's like they imported the CAD data and then they converted it into poly. It's just an assumption, because the picture was taken in Maya and the lines show that the mesh is NURBS related, but that's just my guess so i wanted to take that method I just don't know how to build it right in Rhino and convert it. Especially the front wheel arch is the most appealing. I may have to clean it up in Maya, but I want the surface to be pretty precise, but also be polygonal mesh.
ok i'm getting it now. I'm doing that for rendering too (converthing to poly), but i'm doing this trough Showcase, which has a pretty decent mesher for nurbs objects. I then export this meshes in FBX format and can render in any autodesk software (i'm using max but maya reads it aswell). If you can afford Showcase, then go for it. The software is pretty cool too for real time visualization and you even can prepare your material, cameras and things in it.
you can mesh directly in rhino too and use obj format if remember well. At the time I was using 3ds format but it was limited to 65000poly for a single object (which might not be a problem for you anyway) and the mesher settings were pretty hard to set right in the first place. I don't know if Rhino 4 is better on this function though.