Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme'76 for MBWR

----Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme'76----

Grungy Harry - 3d mesh and textures
mk2 - conversion
Forest Kila Zbila - great handling
Dr.Dodel - sound file.

Contact :
mk2 - max.pietkiewcz@gmail.com
Grungy Harry - bullshit83@inbox.ru

You aren't allowed to convert or modify the car without my or author's permission!!!

model 350, 5.7L, 325hp / 480nm

model 445, 7,5L, 390hp / 670nm

model 445 fkz performance , 7,7L, 445hp / 705nm


Have fun with this Oldie :)
Re: Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme'76

Nice job Mk2, as usual. :) Wish i had MBWR installed to try burning out with that pimpmobile. ;)

But. There were some things that pissed me off.

I thought i should post this for blaer. He called me a dumb thief, so here it goes.

Also, i did mention in LPCC topic that i was going to use a freeware mesh for blueprinting (because there are no blueprints for 1976 Oldsmobiles). So just to let some people know, it's not right to call me a thief, and especially a dumb one.

P.S: The reason why i posted this here is that if i post this at Borg i will probably get banned immediately and my messages will be deleted. So i posted this @SMC since it's a kind of "neutral territory". Sorry if it's considered as spamming.

P.P.S: I'm attaching the blueprint-mesh to this post, just to figure it out.


Re: Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme'76

There's misunderstanding. I sent you pm Harry :)

I explained things there that aren't necessary to bring up here ;)