Opel Speedster (2005)


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WOW if these line up as best you guys say then I have got to give them a try. I always run into prints that just wont line up.. I'm not that good to work without them yet.. maybe someday. THANKS!
Help regarding the Opel Speedster 2005.
To be honest i traced you here from the name on the blueprint.The blueprint looks fantastic, thanks to you.
But i am finding it really hard to find some details.

Height - 1112mm
Length - 3759mm
Width - 1700mm(rear) | 1654mm(front)

Could you help me with the front and rear track distance and the Wheel Base Distance.

I am using the tyres from the 2003 model.
front - 175/55 R 17
rear - 225/45 R 17

The alloy from your blueprint sits snuggly onto these but there is an issue with the width of the tyres which doesn't match.

The above information will really help me in a big way.
Please do oblige.



Very good Print :eek:

Exactly what i'am searching for !

Thank you very much