opel vivaro and combo

the Opel Vivario look just like a Renault Trafic...ar the 2 companies owned by the same big company?...or what is going on therE?

they both exist...i've seen 'em.
It's an example of what happens alot..
Mazda 323 (old one) is the same as the Ford Fiesta (previous gen)
Vivaro is the same as the Traffic
etc etc etc...
Nothing to worry about. Happens a lot :)
that's why i was asking?...because i also knew that both GM and Renault are independent from one-another...so why would they build the same car :roll: (that is my dilemma :))

:arrow: same thing u said happens with Opel Astra that just got out of production but will be released soon as the new Chevrolet Astra...the car looks the same... :roll: :wink:
But the Opel thing is the same as the Ford/Mazda thing.. Opel=Vauxhall=Chevrolet.. That's something different than what Swen said, since those are probably not independant..
same story as with Mercedes Sprinter and VW LT or Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Jumper, Fiat Ducato: too small market for all companies to develop theyr own vehicle, so they share developing costs and all have a vehicle in this market segment