Open Source Speed Dreams Game

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Bakasan, that'd be great if you made a car for Speed Dreams. The dev team is in the early stages of migrating the graphics engine over to a more upscale, modern one; there's talk of upgrading all the cars with seperate interiors and LOD's, etc. Currently the engine can't really handle high poly cars -- those I made above average between 3500 and 4500 triangles.
Tested the game, and I like it. But the main problem is that when I stop steering, it takes a long time until it actually stops steering. It's not a realism factor, is like if turn the weel to left for a while, then when I stop pressing left key, it keeps with the wheel at left, and 2 or 3 seconds later, it releases the wheel. I don't like that, and I have serious FPS problems, but that will be fixed later.


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I think that the steering rate is too low, there is a graph in the bottom right corner displaying the control rates, and it should show the steering being slow.
Yes, watching that graph is how I realized that the guy just keep the steering wheel at left instead of release it...
It isn't big deal in true circuits, but in ovals its a real pain.