Oscar's play–abouts


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Great concept visualization and outcome !!
Curious what you'll come up with next :)

Maybe making the paint of the rim a metallic one (slightly) will make that close up render even more fantastic!


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Looks like the wheelbase is too short compared to the car lenght's and the front section (looking at it by the side) is too long, causing a visible disproportion.

Oscar J

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1. The angle in that pic is verily slightly from the front.
2. I kinda like long overhangs, as I think it gives cars an aggressive stance.

4. You're about half a year too late, let's focus on my new concept instead.


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Is that 997 mk II Turbo S your new concept? For some reason i'm sure i've already seen that....lol

No, seriously, u just took the most particular car on the market, it can't be considered as reference for my argumentation.

Anyway, it's clear u have a huge talent for sketching, 3D CAD visualization and renders, i can't wait to see what u'll achieve with your new concept, i'm sure u'll do a great job mate ;)


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Nothing bad to say about it,the good thing is i don't see any other cars lines or features in it,so it means you really hard worked your imagination to come with this great design.
Waiting for more renders with different angles and enviroments.

Oscar J

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Said and done, hehe. Lots of things to tweak, obviously. Will have to try to make it look a bit less like an SLR I think. Comments on the design welcome.



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For me the line i've marked is huge mistake. ...Since back is the dominant part of the car, this line is going against the whole form, it should be going the other way.It looks so wrong in my eyes :/ ....Of course it's too early to say anything for certain ..... maybe you'll prove me wrong when you show more of the front:) Keep up.