Peterbilt 351 with tanker

Famous from the movie The Duel. Not gonna make exactly the same as the one which starred in the movie but something similar. Old and dirty though :)


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really nice start on it, looks like it should progress nicely... one of my all time favorite movies and trucks :D makes me wanna finish my highpoly version lol

Nice use of polys so far, nice optimization on the inner rims too.

I did alot of research on this truck when I was building the highpoly version a year or two back, so if you need any additional ref images lemme know and ill shove em up here :)
Thanks! I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to have extra reference images :)


if they are same images as in your topic then you don't have to, already got them ;)
Thanks :)

Hehe, its a bit easier to stay below the max. polycount when modeling such a blocky truck I guess :D Its looking great so far. :)
True, it is easier of course but most of the trucks are blocky anyways. :)


Seems that there are other versions, the one I modeled was in my reference :)

Also fuel tank position were different in some images.