Peterbilt 351 with tanker

Looks very nice man, textbook poly distribution :) Anyways, could you tell me wut is ment by 'baking' and the purpose of a highpoly model in the case of baking?


Shortly baking means that I render texture maps based on a object in the scene. I use hipoly model to bake normal maps, which means I can get lowpoly object look more detailed with textures.

I'm really bad explaining this but if you google texture baking or render to texture, you can find tutorials and better definitions to it :)


So I've finished the hipoly version of the truck and next I'll do the trailer. Some details are missing but I will do them in PS afterwards.


Looking great johnas. I finished the lowpoly trailer today, gotta model the highpoly of that next.

@floriversal: It might sound more complicated than it actually is. Basically, details of the highpoly model get "baked" into a texture map, the normalmap. You only have to apply the normal to the lowpoly and you get a more detailed look.

Heres an old comparison of the highpoly, lowpoly and lowpoly with normalmap of a g36c I did a while back.

The whole baking process got extremly simple with Xnormal, so it shouldnt be hard to learn. :) sort:time gallery:schaefft&qo=25
Yeah of course, every nextgen game that supports normalmaps. Which means pretty much every game released for Xbox360,PC and PS3 in the last 6 years or so.

Im not sure when they started to use normalmaps in Need for Speed, I think Pro Street. Mafia 1 doesnt support them, Mafia2 should. IV and newer GTA games do.

btw, the final result of that rifle mentioned above with normal, spec and diffuse maps looks like the pic attached. You can use the same texture maps for a truck or car as well. They help you to get tons of detail into your model without the need to spend thousand or hundrets of thousands of additional polygons.

Sorry for hijacking your thread johnas. :D