Peterbilt 351 with tanker


It's lovely ! I really like, can't wait to see it painted !

About AA in viewport, did you try to force AA settings within the NVidia/ATI panel ? Because it would be less expensive than buying a 5000x2536 LCD panel :)
Thanks :)

ATI's Catalyst control center doesn't work for some reason, I've read others have similar problems with it. It doesn't start up when I run it, tried already every trick I found from the net :-/

But there's script for Max which allows you take highres images like that. So no need to buy anything ;)
It turned out great, lets hope my bake will look just as good. :D

That viewport grab script does have its problems tho. For example, I cannot use softshadows. If I do its capturing a 5000px screenshot thats as pixelated as if it was the normal resolution Im working with. :/
looks amazing!! this is obviously a model with a lot of work invested in it. the wheels still seem a bit squarish but hopefully the tire tread will fix that. not sure if you can fix the front wheel arches with a bit of transparency..

anyway congrats
looks good, a few little things though, the windscreens should be a little taller and the bottom should be a little closer to the cowel. and the roof is a little too tall and the bumper is wrong :) good work though, especially for being as lowpoly as it is.
Thanks :)

Bit late to fix those issues unfortunately and from the refs I got, there seemed to be different versions from the bumper. Choosed one which looked best to me :)
Looking great so far. :D Maybe you should add some more contrast to your specular map to give your dirt a bit more depth and to add some more spec to the chrome parts.

Whats the texture resolution right now?