Peterbilt 351 with tanker

Thanks :)

Diffuse maps are 2048 and rest are 1024

Work is pretty much done, gotta take another look tomorrow. Worked with this whole day and I'm sure I've missed something. :D


  • Truck 4792 tris
  • Trailer 2000 tris
  • Truck wheels 1992 tris
  • Trailer wheels 1392 tris

Le FFFUUU... Something happened to the truck PSD file. It was corrupted and I lost all the layers...
So I believe these are pretty much final screenshots. Fortunately trailer and wheels PSD's are fine.


Ah crap, sry to hear that. Last time that happened to me was while ago. It was anything but a great experience. You can still edit some stuff in your texture if you only have the bitmap file left, its a bit harder but possible.

The result turned out great tho, itll be a tough competition I guess. :D I think I will post some final screens in the coming days, the last ones still had the tires as a 2k map and had that interior that added 400 tris too much to the polycount.
Hopefully others manage to finish their trucks too, would make the contest even more interesting :)

I updated images above, I noticed windows weren't transparent earlier
the truck is linked to the trailer with a bunch of spring-like cables. if you have any extra polys i really think you should try and fill the space behind the cabin as it looks too simple and plain right now
Thanks :)

Totally forgot to do cables, thanks for reminding me. There are still polies, just need to figure what would be best way to do them.
Johnas - do them with 3 sided Lines it will be less poly and for the ends it doesnt have to be to overly real its just a simple thing

don't worry about the 2 black lines in the Background thats the lift axle and blieve refer controls from the truck