Phantom Corsair (1938)


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indeed its really legendary car, which were about few months away from being ready formass production.
but it never happened because rust died on self caused accident (did too careless u-turn on a road which had pretty high traffic)

and being bit more exact with details:

Rust Heinz - body design (blueprints), also ideas of all kind gadgets which were
assembled in Phantom Corsair six-passenger coupe.

Bohman & Schwartz - built body and assembled it on lightly modified cord chassis.



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I might be the biggest fan of this car and really would like to built a fiberglass replica of it.NO JOKE!!!I really needed these!


oh and Palat,would you please bring it into the 3d world?
I think the Blueprint is far from useable. Much to small. I think it is possible to buy the patent files at the US patent office. Heres the link to the patent office database. Maybe there are some more. The car was used in the 2002 computer game "Mafia - The City of Lost Heaven" as a low poly model. It is possible to extract the car from that game for use as reference.

United States Patent: 2141298
United States Patent: D104685

Here is a screen of the car in the game. Maybe it's not very accurate. - Photo Gallery: Click image to close this window

I would be interested in having a good high res print as well.


jalopy madness
kosso_olli said:
The car was used in the 2002 computer game "Mafia - The City of Lost Heaven" as a low poly model. It is possible to extract the car from that game for use as reference.
its possible and ive done it once, but that model is pretty inaccurate.

anyways i have thought about modeling of this car just with photo referenses.
prolly someday ill come up with blueprints for corsair coupe. ;)

actually i did gather all needed ref pics for that project about 2 months ago...
but this will be just one of my eternity projects... just like W125 rekordwagen :grin:
Tempting indeed.
I first saw that car in a book called "American Cars" by Leon Mandel, depicted from the front and it struck me highly uncanny. Now seeing the rest of the car, it is not so weird after all. With all images available on the web and all your c&c i could do a reasonably accurate 3d model (-:
Palat,you would become some kind of god for me if you'd model that car!

Funny thing is that I modified the Mafia model just 2 weeks ago.
Now it looks a little bit more like the original but if you look closer its crap...
I also wrote a e-mail to the Automuseum in Reno what happend to the car as it was in England at the 2006 Goodwood festival of speed.
I saw a dent just above the front bumper.(I saw it on pics,never had a chance to see it in real life)Looks like some transpot damage to me.But I got no response on my mail and I wrote it last October...:(
SUPERCARS.NET - 2006 Goodwood Festival of Speed
Goodwood 2006 Photo Gallery by Ian Wibberley at
Meadow Brook Concours 2001

well there're much more pics...PM me for infos or what ever

We should make a talk thread for that.I think we can't chat in that area for long.
It would be really nice if Dan models it!

kosso_olli said:
How can you loose interest in modeling such a nice car?
My problem is that I don't like guessing, and in this particular case there were far too many unknowns:

- What are the dimensions of the car?

- The car was built on Cord 810 chassis, that was my starting point as I already had the Cord modelled. But was Cord chassis modified? Shortened, lowered, widened?

- I had the images of the dashboard and front seat, how about the rear part of the interior?

To guess it and after sometime find the data suggessting total rebuild? I had this experience far too many times already...
ettore was kind enough to send me more reference material -- with overall dimensions, Niko... -- so it's getting hard for me to say no.
I have some urgent jobs to undertake but can take care of that in due course.

Niko and i could do this together, i mean sharing all the references, he on Rhino, i on Max, so we could go as accurate as possible. What do you say Niko? :roll: