Photogrammetry, 3d scans using photos


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Some people promise to make and working on the tutorial on how to make scans of the cars with shiny look.

Also I figured out it's good to use cameras export with 3ds on conventional photomodeling techniques when the scan is not good. The convert from each target to free cam will be required before grouping and alignment of the scene.


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Sieben great work!!! I tried to scan car before but I always have very pore results!!!
So, please can you explain me:
- How many pic you use to crate the scan? Do you import all together or you divide the pics in groups?
- How you can obtain clean scan from reflective surfaces?
- How you cut the background form the scan? do you use photoscan or you clean the pictures before imports?

Sorry for the big amount of question:D but I was never able to get a clear result like your and I'm very curious!!

Thanks!!! :)


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You know, I asked possibility to purchase the way they do it before release, but negative. Not ready.... I guess a bit more global issue, question out there with all of it) Whatever.

Just a whole bunch of photos with no extra work out there. Superb even so. The more photos, should be the better. But even just around 12, and it also works. A small walk around.

You can see the front wheel here. Just give more photos with all the same zoom all over. And feel the difference with the rear one. Don't even need to give any smooth over lap with photos to the wheel to get it.


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Thanks a lot for your reply mate!!
I will try to do some test this weekend....hoping to get a nice result!!!;)