Plymouth Fury (1956)


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Same thing as the Pete 281. No good prints (no top view for example...) and the need to get it following different and not conventional roads, like a 3D model. Who considers it's not accurate enough, please just ignore this post. But i think it's good enough to get the right proportions and main lines/surfaces at least. For the rest, there are tons on references.

This model has been uploaded from someone in the Warehouse but he's not the auctor, who is unknown. So i don't know who deserves the credits.

Anyway this is the car used in the John Carpenter's movie known as ''Christine'' which everybody knows. Maybe thou not so many know that a huge part of the cars used in the movie were Savoy and Belvedere with a Fury's camouflage.

Unlike the previous Pete 281, i've perfectly aligned and scaled each view, each pic is 1920x940, so all u need to do is to match exactly the rectangular background, very easy even for noobs.