Plymouth Fury (1958)

As promised here is the 1958 version of Fury. the Star of the Stephen King movie Christine! I would love to have a car that fixed itself regularly...the demonic control however I could do without. the photos are of a Christine Clone.......


Yes that will be nice! I still have not forgotten the Grand Am but it is not going I will see what I can get through when the excitement level is right. that is the only car I need to finish but have not got the right motivation yet. so rest assured it is half done.


Continental Kit
IMHO this is the most beautiful car of the whole decade. No fab-finned Caddy can top this clean "rudder" design.

But Chrysler crashed-programmed its 57 cars. Heavy retooling, less workers in the plants, despite the clever engineering solutions it was too much too soon. Virgil Exner Jr. later declared his father had intended these cars to be released in 58, but Tex Colbert, president of Chrysler and a marketing man, saw them as a way to get Chrysler back into better sales. That they sure did, but what came out were low standard, rust-prone cars.

But if i could choose between a 57 Chevy and a 57 Plymouth, i would not even blink!
I have to say your image of the Plymouth is Beautiful Palat, now I am preparing to get myself one that I can display on a shelf....the plusses it is easy to rust, no high fuel cost, no insurance, no parking problems...the minuses: I can't drive it! true about the Caddies...their fins were over the top. the chryslers were clean and crisp. I tend to favor the Plymouth for 57-58 as well. the earlier cars I am fond of the 55-56 Desoto and chrysler Windsor/Newyorkers. by 1960 I said what were they thinking? we also had a 63 Plymouth Fury Sport coupe in white. I liked that car too. red interior with white outside.