Porsche 550 Spyder

Hey guys, I was wondering.. does anyone know the difference between the Spyder RS and the normal Spyder?
I think the RS has got a different rear, different exhaust, that bubble behind the driver, and perhaps a different window. Wikipedia and Spyder club websites aren't that great with this :/

I hope you can help :)
RS is the designation used for Porsche track cars. I don't know what either look like because droptops are not real sportscars (sorry), but I know that the RS range comes straight from the factory as a track-tuned roadcar.

Internally that means re-worked suspension, a stripped interior and, on the newer models, a revised, variable turbo on the 3.6l flat six.
At the time of the 550 Spyder there were no turbos and no 3.6L flat six engines.

The RS designation refers to racing cars in Porsche lingo. However, all 550 Spyders were meant strictly for racing anyway. So there really is not much difference between the 550 RS and the "regular" Spyders.

When the 550 was built, it was initially called Porsche type 550, in accordance with the previous Porsche naming scheme. However, because the body type was a Spyder, it also became known as the Porsche 550 Spyder. In addition, its use in dedicated sportscar racing made it an RS.

Some Porsche 550 coupes (closed cockpit) were also built... Porsche 550 RS Coupe, Pasha Inanov - LeMans is a very special type of race. Lasting 24hrs, the winning car is often the toughest, not the fastest. "To finish first, first you must finish", is the motto of... CG Cars Gallery
You can check Karl Ludvigsen's 2 books on the subject (550 and spyders). Excellent ref. regarding the different 550, 550A and RS version. Karl did himself photo a lot of these cars on 50's racetracks. Just search Amazon for "Ludvigsen" and "Porsche".