Scavengers of the Dawn

As soon as Apocalypse faded , band of survivors left shelters. They had almost no supplies left. Weak and homeless pilgrimed across the country remains scavenging everything they could use later. Protected by new-built sanctuary in the middle of former Czechoslovakia, rumors of a big race spread among survivors. They found chassis of formerly known vehicle. Engine was devastated, so engineers invented new kind of diesel engine. Much more powerfull than anything seen before. They failed in recovering original look of the vehicle because of lack of spare parts. Whole tribe worked weeks to make it ready for the race. Every single member of the tribe contributed.
Whether they win or lose in the race, they never stop scavenging homeland, finding survivors and build new shelters.

test4.jpg LOGO.jpg


this looks fantastic, and i kinda had the same idea but with an oshkosh truck, which looks quite similar to your truck. But since i don´t have much time atm i´m not sure whether i will participate myself or not.

anyways, good luck to you!

Finally found some time to completly remake chasis (all done except steering). Also I made blockout of rollcage. Next step will be gearbox and engine and rollcage.

And most important thing, I have to figure out how to put up another engine. Alternative could be pair of custom turbo snails :)


tst7.jpg tst8.jpg