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Team: Anonymous National - The Misfits.

Team Description: Formerly known as computer Hacker group that caused apocalyptic & mass destruction on earth by accidentally hack into global defense website and trigger nuclear missiles to launch against world and on home soil. Billion lives were demolished.
Only small group of Anonymous member survived through this event, since there weren't any much of electricity powers left, they were unable to use computers anymore. In order for them to survive, a group convert their intrest into hacking vehicles by assembling and implement junk parts together. Anonymous National certainly is interested getting involved in challenge, building up super apocalyptic race car, and race with one of those contestants.

Vehicle: cyclical CMD-21 (Formely Delorean DMC-12)

Anonymous National - The Misfits want to say Good luck to Ladies, Gentlemen, & Contestants.



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Thanks for your comments everybody...

@Steve D: Yea, Hail to the Redskins especially with Robert Griffin III, Its been a while not seeing quarterback did great job in few games, not since Mark Rypien in 92.

Anyway, here are updates of my work... I did Rolloverbars, Interior, Fender bender, and some other parts, I also did test render head/tail lamps too. More to come with crazy details, stay tuned...


Damn, dude, I am LOVING that concept of yours! Nice detailing, no crits at all. Except maybe I might have one thing to point out: The delorean was made of stainless how can you make it rusty? Maybe more dented than the rest? Or, dusty and dirt layers? You might be the only one showing up at the races with a perfectly shiny, rust-free car :)



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Thanks you all for your comments...

Rsenal said:
How do you get so nice lights which are turned on?
I used VRaylight (Sphere)set temperature to halogen level (4500-5000 kelvin)

Skrips said:
...The delorean was made of stainless how can you make it rusty?
Well even stainless steel can get rusty spots. Only if it leaks from rusty steel. Actually I'd make it look dull, white splots sun drenched damaging stainless steel with some dirt and dust around it.

Here' update, probably most PITA part of work... I spend 1.5 week 4 hours a day working on that jet turbine engine along with complicated parts, I did a lot of unwrapping, and texturing and stuffs. It was worth at last because I have learned some new unwrapping technique that can help me do speedy progress in the future... Amyway.. Enjoy :goofus: