So I'm going with a steam-powered Lohner Porsche design .. see my attached concept..

The story in my head ....

In the postapocalytic future the engineering tribe of New Stuttgart has come up with a
porsche design based on the hybrid models of the early 1900's. Steam powered, the tribe
doesn't have access to fuels, diesels, rocket fuel etc.

This machine burns a fuel cell akin to what was used in the movie Back to the Future 3.

The design is rather simple.. steam powered engine drives a piston attached to both rear
wheels to maintain the same speed with front wheel drive.

Starting modeling this week...


Ok I started on the boiler, building up this thing is kinda fun - gotta remind myself to not be too pedantic about some of the modeling techniques... going to go with normal and displacement maps to get the finer details in at a later stage.


So I've continued modeling, as I'm going I'm trying to figure out how this car actually would work, I don't just want to put in meaningless pipes and valves - but also trying not to be too anal about being completely correct so I'll go with a healthy inbetween.

Added more stuff to the steam engine boiler, started on the pot belly stove.

I'm going to run a pipe at the base of the pot belly into the base of the boiler - giving what I would consider direct heat to make steam.

The hole at the top of the pot belly will pipe into the the chimney looking thing at the top of the steam engine so that smoke / excess steam comes out of 1 stack.

In the final picture I want the door of the stove to be open with hot coals ambering up.

After those 2 things I'll start on the piston driving the rear wheels...

These models have yet to go into Zbrush but I'll model everything first before that.

Taking a break for the day .. time to World of Warcraft! :p


Here's an update.

So I've nearly finished the engine part, I put the steam engine and pot belly on the back of the car along with the piston behind which drives that t-pipe and horizontal bar up and down.

The cog on either side will be mounted on a rack which as it goes up and down rotates the bar, therefore spinning the horizontal bar and the wheels on both ends. These wheels will be on a spring-loaded pulley system and will drive the main rear wheels below..

Well that's the idea.. always subject to change... the whole engine bay will be fastened to the back with chains.

Anyways here's a few pics.. will continue more most likely over the weekend...



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Hey man, cool updates, but remember that the tracks for the race may not be in good condition, so you'll have to fix and screw with some bolts all of those parts to the floor, so they don't fly out of your vehicle.

Have you thought about studying how steam locomotives work? Maybe that'll give you some ideas about how to make yours run.

Cheers :D
So on the advice of a few, I've made some changes, bolting down the engine on the tray at the rear was a good point, I'm further going to use my idea of then wrapping some chains to add abit more DIY character.

I also changed the way the steam engine was working, before I was having the horizontal bar rotating by a pulley mechanism, now I've opted for a vertical piston setup still using what I had already made rather than reinventing the whole thing.

I've moved onto the front wheels, now concentrating on the steering system.

After that is just a few ancillary objects like seat, headlight, counter weight at the front of the car, I'm thinking a bull's horn for some reason.

I expect that I should be finished modeling by the weekend or early Monday - then after that I'll light the scene properly and then start importing each object into zBrush for bump map and texture creation.

Then I'll start compositing this into a scene for a final render.


I was also thinking to texture the main body shape like a beat up Xmas Sleigh from a department store like Kmart, Sears or something like that... jury rigged to be the car body.. and obviously faded and dilapidated over time.
So here's an update, almost finished the modeling portion of things, perhaps a few more extras.

I'll probably add abit more framework on the front of the steering area, it seems abit too fragile for my level of pedantic-ness (if there is such a word).

About to wrap some chain around the barwork near the engine bay. Other than that I'll be ready for some Zbrush madness.



So I'm about to finish the base mesh portion of things when I decided that I should have a driver for my final image, I did a digital double of myself about six months ago so I figured that he'll do as the drive in my finished composite.

I've imported the mesh and rescaled the car down to meet his sizing. This guy is rigged and weighted already with a few blendshapes so I should find a decent facial expression.

The hair was the longest to work out especially getting the hair to stay in the same location as the head when he walks, jumps around etc, but he works.

If you want to see the WIP on this guy it's in my facebook albums under my profile.