Here's an update - been busy with work, so took into a newly updated zBrush 4r4 - woo hoo...

So started redoing UV's and exporting textures out then also playing with shaders so took me a full day to experiment with what I've done here.

I was trying mental core shaders but these are mostly just mental ray mia shaders - when I finish I'll upgrade the shaders and see what happens.


Okies so last night I was rushing texturing on this project plus playing around with mental core - which is really quite good if you want to try it... also playing around with alot of procedural shaders.... I came up with this...

I'm actually not satisfied with this so when I came online today I found we have a 2 week extension - AWESOME!!!! So this becomes a first pass at texturing, there are many issues that I can see here - I don't like the pot belly stove shader ATM so that's gonna change - the rusty texture - which is procedural is also going to change looks like too much rust and the metal is kinda not what I want also ... there are however a few shaders that work well so I'll keep those.

Do post your feedback - any thoughts on an ivory shader for the big horns at the front?


This is awesome! I love the character the horns add. This machine makes me chuckle but also make me want to hop in and take it for a spin. Very creative, good job!