PostapocalypticRace - [Panesar]

start off nice and easy, fuel tank (maybe biofuel since it's probably going to be easier to come by/manufacture in a post apocalyptic world) and some ropes - always need a rope :D


Started fleshing out the chassis, tested a couple of 'welding' techniques, and made some rough wishbones. Although I'm starting to think it looks a little engineered for post apocalyptic conditions. :eek:


wow, this is gonna be detailed...!
Just thinking though, hard-welding front wheel arms to body wouldn't be a good idea in terms of flexibility for all-terrain vehicle. It will be like a no-suspension vehicle with a bumpy ride.

You planning to change it going forward? or Am i missing the concept?
Great work BTW, keep it up! :)

SamIam -They're not going to be welded to the frame :p That's just the positions where I will add the joints xD The chassis will have welds, and the wishbone cross members will be welded.

skobe - I modelled the welds in an array, applied a bend modifier so I have a loop, and for each weld I used ffd modifier to form them to fit.
Not a buggy but an awd tarmac rc car.


I'll post a story soon and change that logo/symbol too. Not a whole lot of modelling done, just a little bit more of the chassis, some front fog lights, wheels and partially rigged the front suspension. Also spent a while unwrapping things (think I'm getting the hang of it, although there is some warping on the lower wishbones).

Hit a little bit of a problem with the fuel tank now occupying the space for the engine :s So will have to move things around there. Also going to change the uprights because they look bad/ toyish.


Nice work bud! You planning on doing alot of dented and dinged panels, or leave it mostly naked? Im currently trying to decide that for myself, and i havent decided yet. Anyway, great start and im looking forward to seeing your finished work.