PostapocalypticRace - [Panesar]

Thanks for the comments guys!

I'll be adding some panels to add the team logos and things, but I'll see how much to add. I kind of like it without them though.

Nosalis - you should join up!


so a little update, made the halfshafts, dampers,shocks, steering arms, new uprights, the front diff and some tyres.

Also added a gif of my rig, it's not 100% working, the halfshaft ik solver stops working everytime I open up max and have to reset it :angry: every time. Also can't manage to keep the dampers/shocks to stay pivoted to the chassis and lower arm.



Wow...i like how this is a "little" update. Rofl! Anyway, i love what you. Are doing, and 4 wheel drive to boot! Im just wondering about your upper and lower A arms. I think you may have gone a bit overboard on the cross bracing. Might be the look you are going for, in which case its cool and looks awsome!

About your rig, i wish i was confident im my rigging abilities. I just finally bought modo 601 like 3weeks ago and this is literally the first project im doing with it. Which makes it tough having to relearn all my skills with new software as i go.



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WOW pan3, very clean and freaking awesome. Especially suspension, how did you rig em? Bones? Ik? Can you share with us? also can you show wire of the diffuser/shaft. I am curious how you made it look so clean. Oh wait, did I ask you too much? :grin:
Thanks guys,
Skrips - yeah I might have gone a little bit overboard with the bracing, but you need some to stop it flexing so meh, overengineered :p About the rigging, this is my first time doing rigging, so I'm just learning as I'm going along, it doesn't seem too difficult so far.

EquiNOX - hehe, I've attached a screenshot of my rig, but yeah its mainly bone objects, and then linking the mesh to it, for objects where I don't want them to rotate with the bone, but change position (like at the ends of the arm) I used a position constraint instead. I also used some wire parameters for something ( can't remember) but you have to wire your mesh to a dummy, because if you wire it to the bone, everything goes tits up. The hose, damper, spring are in the primitives bit in max, and I just basically hooked either end to a dummy. Another problem is that you can't mirror the rig (well, you can, but it needs fixing on the mirrored rig) the dampers/springs and hose pipe surface normals invert. Also layers become super helpful.

The differential (I assume you meant that, and not a diffuser) is CAD (much quicker with that, than max) because I haven't got a lot of time to model, which is also why I'm doing a buggy and not a car :p I started poly modelling it, but it was taking too long so CAD it was.



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i'm not sure about those big screws holding the suspension .. would expect it to be going inside, 6 headed screw with nut on the other side :) ... this way it looks like toy to me :)


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Thanks for sharing, Man look easy than i thought. I'd definitely would try rigging suspensionone day. If you are using wire parameter for steering wheels, I'd suggest you add skin modifer for cv boots which give mesh more flexible when steer left and right also going up and down when bumps on rocks.. About model yes I mean differential not diffuser :) I'll guess you used Inventor to create this right? Good modeling man!
Yep Inventor. I'll look into using the skin modifier, not having a lot of luck with it so far. I've changed the end caps for suspension to hex shaped now.


Team: The Swampers

Description: The Swampers were a team of soldiers, engineers and scientists who worked in jungle environments creating exotic drugs to enhance humans. Sold at a high premium to an anonymous governments. Drug KA-247FH was issued to enhance reflexes and mental agility. Several world leaders have taken the drug for themselves.

The side effect of their enhancement has clouded their judgement and made them aggressive, causing them to increase their country borders. Small civil wars break out. Soon, the world is divided into 6 powers, still wanting more, with thousands of casualties within their countries due to rebel forces, they declare war with the other nations. Electronic and biological warfare has decimated infrastructures and left the world in chaos.

After the war, there were no governments, no laws, and less then 50% of the world's population. The Swampers no try and recreate the world's jungles to ensure lifeforms can be sustained in the future.

Vehicle: The S2-W394ZX (The Swampmonster) - A reconnaissance vehicle used in the war has been transformed to provide a means of transportation through jungle terrain. :goofus:


Ok, update time! Did some initial texture work on the wheel, I'm happy with how the wheel came out, the tyres not so much. Made a start on the interior, the seats are just place holders so I can asses where everything should go. Let me know what you think.


I really like this one, love the details, I especially like the onboard computer system - it's kinda like your driver ripped it out of an on police pursuit vehicle and put it in.... although it probably plays PONG.

However... in our post-apocalyptic world is it wifi enabled?... and more importantly if the internet does exist in this world... how fast is it! :p

Awesome stuff


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astonishing details man... Like your modeling technique very much. Maybe I should go deep into learning inventor soon wouldnt it be hard right?
Yeah, inventor is pretty intuitive to use coming from max, I've only used it on the differential and uprights because they would have taken far longer in max - basically all mechanical like objects with webs and cut outs etc are quicker to model in inventor, things like that fusebox I made would've probably taken just as long in inventor.

A couple of things you should note is, you need to have rough dimensions for your object, otherwise it becomes hard to make it proportional. Make sure it's not going to be deformed, ie cv boots. You also need to be wary of the component if it requires texturing, because unwrapping it is a pain. When you import it into max (>v2012)
you have two options, import as an approximate mesh and define the density (not advisable since you get really bad normals sometimes) or import as a body mesh (I think it's that) where it basically imports the object like you see it in Inventor - however although your object will look super smooth, you can't uvw unwrap it, once you do it converts it to a very low density mesh. That said it is very handy for objects like transmissions, diffs, engine etc.


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nice update! .. looks like you "fixed the bolts" :)

I love the computer and small TV's! .. great stuff! vintage look .. no flatscreen crap :) love it!
So been slowly working away at this. Trying to flesh out most of the vehicle now, before adding some more detail.

Going to finish off the rear and rig it before going back and finishing off the interior.

Things done

Seats, satnav, roof lights, engine intakes, exhaust, cylinder head covers, rear chassis geometry, new and improved body panels, lots of cables, added a few more welds. I should probably start texturing soon, it already looks like a hellish job.