I'm really interested in Mad Max kind-of stuff, so I'm in! :)

I've got the main ideas for my concept. It will be powered by a diesel engine. A really oldschool, primitive engine. Today's modern diesels has fancy electronics, super high-pressure injection systems - after a few years without premium fuel, without services with computers and no available spare parts they'll stop running. Same for petrol engines: lots of electronics, high compression rates. Maybe they'll last longer than modern diesels but without proper maintenance it won't be more than 5-10 years.

Contrarily old diesels could operate even on vegetable oil, or other low-grade fuels. No EFI, no ECU, no electronic problems! :) So my car will be a heavily modified Mercedes-Benz 300D (W123). For more power it'll be equipped with a huge turbo - scavenged from a truck.
It'll have an off-road suspension because of the condition of the roads. 20 years after the apocalypse truck wheels will be popular even on smaller vehicles - better off-road capabilities, years to wear tham down, longer lasting.

The racing team - pardon - the tribe will be from the northern parts of Europe. So the W123 will show some nordic-pagan-berserker influences. That's for now, I hope I can build something good, and I'm really curious to see what are you guys are working on. :)
Sounds really cool :D

This reminds me of a picture I saw, about some vehicles in the upcoming Mad Max : Fury Road
(also a Mercedes)
Looks like car designers went really mad this time, this thing has the chassis of a truck and not a pickup either :eek:

Also, the tribe idea sounds cool. :)
I had a bit similar idea about a post-apoc vehicle for a far northern tribe, where they hardly even remember what a "car" was :D Good luck!
A small update. I'm not a fast modeller (well, I'm lazy as hell :)) but I hope I'll finish in time.

Vader: I think the W123 and the W126 are the last real, classic Mercedeses. Top build quality and reliability over everything. I'd like to own a nice 230E one day, but here in Hungary most of the is not in the best shape, or the good ones are owned by fans and not for sale.