PostapocalypticRace - [ROLLAMAD]

After supreme overlord TwoOneOne anounced that in an effort to stop all tribal conflict a race of races once a year would be held to settle all disputes between clan and tribes across the U.S.This bold move paid of and was excepted widely and as a result grows bigger every year as people started concentrating their efforts on preparing their vehicles for each race.As a mostly peacefull tribe this apealled to us and we started gathering the best parts we could leading us to a small automotive museum called Lane Museum in Nashville that had been overlooked by other scroungeing tribes of the sorounding area.Most vehicles where in a poor state but after much argument we settled on a WW2 VW kubelwagon relic that was largley intact and undamaged.After finding another VW vehicle (baja bug) we found great compatability between chassis our engineer set about fitting the race components on to our good chassis and we had a good base for a race car.It was soon found that we where at a loss for power and our lead scrounger prepared a team and recovery vehicle to set out and find a replacment engine and driveline which came in the form of a Porsche 911 six cylinder turbo engine.Our engineer foung great compatabilty between models and quikly set about shoe horning it into our chassis.Our race car is nearly finished and we look forward to competing for glory and respect from much larger tribes that once ravaged our people.

DUSTY SOULS,race log one.


Thanks Arppa83,I am suprised no one has done it in real life the parts on the kubel look very much the same as the baja stuff (suspension/running gear) i have started the body,chassis though my modeling skills arent that great but im learning in leaps and bounds (just having so much fun with this comp) so here is a proof of build pic.



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"supreme overlord TwoOneOne", i love it! That freaking hilarious! I just hope your finished work is as creative and awsome as your backstory is!

Thanks guys,I think i watch to many apoc movies and got over excited (lol) when i found this comp.Im not trying to win this so just giving it my best to join in the fun and i thank everyone involved for just that! this is FUN. Im trying to stay in the slipstream of the front runners of this comp and it is stretching my 3d skills to the limit! here are some pics of where im at right now.Looking into uv's and texturing is a bit duanting but i will grab my trusty DSLR and head out to our local 4x4 park to try and get some cool shots i may be able to use as it has been dry for a while so should be good for some dusty panel pics! plus a few of the farms out my way (rural oz) have plenty of rusty wrecks too.
I was inspired by the tube work on some of the entrants creations and went for a full tube chassis (minus those cool looking welds) for my baja beast! and i cant wait to "beat" this thing up when its nearly finished.>8)


About time for an update.

Since the last one i have done some more body work then got bored with that for a bit and learned how to make better tyres/wheels,played around with u.v's a bit(not the tex i will be using),learned the lattice mod(flat tire in back with strap)and then threw all the parts together for a quick pic,Im happy with where this is at it looks like i hoped it would,just hope i can keep up with the timeline!

You guys are a tough act to follow and my learning has improved beacuse of that! Thanks for good rating/comments and thankyou's its much apreciated and keeps me going full steam!


Got the body done now on to the good bits,700 HP Porsche GT race engine! i went a bit overboard on the turbochargers and having trouble fitting it all in there,might have to hack at the firewall to set the engine forward but that means a shorter wheelbase (never good in a car with 700HP lol). To let it hang out or not to let it hang out there (a bit like Pamela Andersons baps in a micro bikini at the moment) Let me know your thoughts please! moving on to the details now.:eek:


Purchased Reality 2.5 (Lux) and started playing around with tex and bumps,though i think i will go with normals.I know its not vray but its in my budjet! so will do for now.

Q,would any of the previous pictures pass for clay renders? maybe a silly question but i want to clarify this.:wut:


Purchased Reality 2.5 (Lux) and started playing around with tex and bumps,though i think i will go with normals.I know its not vray but its in my budjet! so will do for now.

Q,would any of the previous pictures pass for clay renders? maybe a silly question but i want to clarify this.:wut:
Should have stuck with a combo of BI and Cycles. Both are very capable rendering engines, and I personally feel like I can make cycles sing an opera. Just takes a bit of finesse to get everything to come out right, but the results are very rewarding :) Also, Nice work! Im loving the details in this concept. Very nicely done. Just wondering, though, if you are going to fall into the same trap I fall into, and put too many polies on things no one is ever going to see :)

Thanks SKRIPS! i took some time to learn nodes,shaders and how they work in cycles and i wont look back! much to learn tho but here is a couple i got to work for me i think, 2nd pic has IBL and yes i have to start thinking about that (polies that is) i get too carried away with chalenging myself ,im at 1422712 faces so far im guessing that is a fairly "heavy" mesh? im waiting on x6 1090 and 16gb 1600m ram in the mail i hope this will help performance a bit.


Dusty Souls race log two, Testing has been good showing remarkable reliability from the MOTEC injected turbo engine.Our engineers choice to lower the compresion to 7.50 was wise and the truck turbos make great power when "wound up" even on below average fuels.Suspension is tuned for the rugged terrain of the race and the makeshift replacment front shock seals are doing the job well.Rust is our biggest enemy and after the crazy tides twenty years ago brought salt lakes inland the salty lake beds that remain create dust that eats at every metal component on the car,even our fresh new sponsor paint is showing sighns of rusting through and our short supply of rust preventive paint is all but gone.After some success in local races our entry to the eight annual endurance "Race to the sun" is on its way.

I could not help painting this thing like my good freinds work ute,I guess if anyone is going to make money out of rebuilding the world its heavy construction companies and their maintanance contractors.:grin:



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Brilliant. Love the detail on the engine pieces.

Maybe you should take a look at the continuity on the textures, I see too much homogeneity on some them, don't you think?

C'ya :D
Thanks! Yes i agree,i guess it reflects that fact that i really dont know what im doing!!!!!:grin:Most tex are just a base image/photo used to check for stretch and sort out uv's and learn how to use nodes in cycles(i may go with daz/reality for the final if i dont get the hang of cycles),if i get time i will sort out new tex for sure!!!!!! The only tex i have made are for the body/tires and i had to sort out the uv a whole bunch!
I got to fussy with the engine since it is exposed i wanted to give good detail but went a bit overboard and its soaking up a lot of time!

Please dont hold back with the crits/advice i need them,thanks!
Dude, i love the base! Bt there is one problem, and its not the modeling or anything like that. The idea here, i think, is to sell the modeling and texturing on the vehicle. The base is supposed to help sell that idea while not distracting from the vehicle itself. You know, like how you would set up a good composition with a camera, focusing on the subject of the photo and not the background.

Might just be that the base is a bit too big and detailed for the scope of this contest? Just my 2 cents :)