Tribe/ Racing Team : NMU-Alpha-14 (Nevada Millitary Underground Airbase, Post-Apocalytic)
Racing Vehicle: Shockwave JET
Vehicle Specifications:
- Body: PeterBilt 359 Truck
- Chasis: 4130 Chromemoly
- Engine: 3 Pratt & Whitney J34-48
- Horsepower: 36,000 @ Speed of Sound
- Fuel: Diesel/ Bio-fuel. (120 gals. per run)

Racing suitability: Drag Race 1/4 Mile
Achievements: 256 mph in 6.36 seconds

The SHOCKWAVE JET is one of the few lucky survivors of the D-day. This machine, which used to compete with airplanes in exhibitions was left in ruins without much care/ maintaince.

Ever since the news of racing event [Post-Apo-lympics] reached at the base, team has been gearing up and getting this monster ready in a stealthy manner. Although converting it to run on 100% Bio-fuel was a challenge, NMU-Alpha-14 team was able to get their hands on some instruction manuals at the airbase, which eased up their job.

If this beast gets up till the finish-date, there is no standing chance for its opponents to win against it. We will keep you posted about the happenings! Till then OVER and OUT! [End of Transmission. Radio Static...]

For more information - shockwave jet Peterbilt - Google Search


[Radio Crackle...]

This is Team NMU-Alpha-14... Situation report for today -
Team has successfully figured out all required parts for the machine, and assemmbled them together to get an idea about what they are going to deal with. What remains now is -getting everything together and make it hold till the race day!

Team plans to keep working on modelling part for 2 more days and then take the vehicle in paint-bay to give it mean looks. A few wireframs and scrap-renders of the current status are available with post for your reference.

As always, any comms from your side will be accepted with great interest... It's always good to hear from other survivor tribes!!!

[Can't resist to write this ... ] Until then, This is John Connor, and if you are listening to this, YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE!

[End of Transmission...]



~~~~~~~ Storyline Update ~~~~~~~

[Radio Crackle... Grim music in background]
NMU-Alpha14 base sufferred heavy-drone attacks from Skynet last week with many casualties... Even the radio contact with outside world was lost. The Shockwave truck assemlby too suffered with some major damage and lost the 3 Jet engines, which were in working condition earlier...

We have managed to still recover one of the large Jumbo-Jet engine from the scrap and are counting on getting it mounted and fired up before race. At this moment the fate of this build remains questionable...

[Changing to inspirational music piece]
But whatever happens we will NOT give our hopes..! We will NOT go un-noticed in this contest, WE WILL MAKE OUR VOICE HEARD AND OUR PRESENCE FELT, and if you are listening to this, YOU ARE THE RESISTENCE..

This is John Connor signing off!
[End of Transmission]

~~~~~ Update on Build ~~~~~

Well, I decided to ditch the exact replica of Shockwave Jet truck and make some of my own changes, hence the 3 Jets have now vanished and its replaced by One big JumboJet! :)

I could see that it doesnt have much of open space in front of it to catch more air, I am planning to cut off the top half of truck cab and only keep a roll-cage there with a seat :)

Also tried to give a go on texturing, I know I suck at it, have never done it before in my life :( any help or tips will be much appreciated...

Thanks for stopping by, Cheers,



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Maybe work on Jet engine, give it more details because at first I thought it was Concrete truck... Good work, keep it up.
I know, currently trying to make it not look like a concrete truck ... :) added some details to the Jet engine, hopefully more will come. Thanks for ur comment...




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:eek: This project is totally, completely crazy. And i love it !!!! :)
Anyway i think everything is placed in front of the jet would be sucked by it...cabin and driver included :D
what if you put the driver under the hood (where diesel engine normally would be), make a custom welded canopy.
and then you have , more or less, clear jet intake,
Gee, thanks for your responses guys...! :) I was away on weekend so couldnt reply any earlier. Its nice to see that you like the progress so far!

As for the driver/ Pilot-seat on this vehicle, this is meant to be a hell-ride!! :evil: I think the seat will be at usual area, without any modifications to the cab. Yeah additional safty will be there ofcourse...

Since the tribe belongs to a military airbase, the driver will have a G-suit, Helmate with visor and enclosed Oxygen supply (no HUD display though) so he should survive, and the net behind him and his seat-belts will hold him in place. Obviosuly there will be strict instructions for him not carry any loose change/ pen / keys on board to avoid any accident.

Should that suffice, what do you think? I am counting there wont be any birds flying into the engine directly at the race venue... :question:



I love projects combing 2 way-out elements. It's what I've always done when it coms to concepts like this.

Have loved browsing the entries, and although the skill that's gone into the buggies/4x4s is awesome, in my opinion, this sort of stuff is where it's at.

Very much looking forward to seeing the end of this.