my team is from Russia, its name is unknown, yet to be heard. it consists of scientific experts in their field: nuclear physicist, metallurgy engineer, and mechanic


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I love it! You know what it reminds me of? The libian terrorists that the doc stole the plutonium from in back to the future. That van they drove is a spitting image of that!

Hey bud, nice modeling! I like the concept alot. Just cucrious, could you post some wires of the pole sticking through the car body? Curious to see your solution for the folded metal around the openning. Thanks in advance!

like elvis would said: Thank you. thank you very much

the metal is simple, hole with extruded edges and shell modifier :), i had in mind more complex shapes but this time it will be enough


Hmm, I would have thought your mesh would have to be much more dense for that detail to look so good. Nice trick, I will have to remember that :)



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Yes, give more weathering and scratches to the diffuse map.
Also, consider to make the tread top color more dusty and the "base" tire color darker. Look at this IMAGE and see what I mean.
You could work a little more those treads, HERE.

Hope this helps.

back again, dont know should i post here or start a new thread, or admin will transfer it to wip

here are tires, better gaz with rim and new uaz