Team: MuscleHeads

Team Description: The MuscleHeads were a team of racers before the Apocalypse. They used their muscle cars, build from the ground up by themselves, in the underground racing scene. They had as much wins as losses, but they did improve upon each race, as they kept tuning/adjusting their car specs. They were feared for their blatant technique, always using their cars to 'make' space if a car was blocking their way.

Vehicle: Based on the Pontiac TransAm from the movie RedLine, custom build design.

Our team wishes good luck to every contestant!


Thanks RollaMad! :D I agree, it looks like a monster, which should fit in really nicely! :D

Also, I will not completely remake it of course, I mean, in an apocalyptic world we only have some spare parts to work with... So have some screens of the cage I am currently building ^^


Update before I go to bed (it's 1:52 am now... -_-)

Started working on the suspension/steering wheel mechanics. Will probably not use turbosmooth on them, except if they actually show in the final renders.
It is probably not entirely real life accurate =P but I guess small things like this that are made from imagination aren't an offense.

Lemme know what you think!


Update: Worked out namReg's advice, making the supports for the suspension wider. Also worked out the cage a bit more, and will soon start on a basic engine. ^^

(And yes, the third picture is a camera I have set up from the driver's seat ^^)


Another update before I call it a night:
Started working on an engine. As I will be covering most of the car with plates, I won't put too much detail into it (Unless I have an incredible amount of time left until delivery date xD)

The scoops will be visible though, they'll be sticking out of the hood. Also added an oildrum, which will be used as a fuel supply.


Interresting design! Sort of a post appacalyptic drag racer, amrite? If thats true, then I suggest you go outrageous! Like, huge tubbed out rear wheels, pizza cutter front wheels, maybe some wheelie bars and a parachute pouch attatched to the back?

Hmm, could have alot of fun with postapacalyptic aero as well. Like make shift sheet metal front splitter and a crazy wicked read diffuser / wing. Could be fun!