Postapocalytic Race - (vader66)

Hi guy´s.
I like the idea of that contest very much.
I hope, i will find time to get to the end.i will try.
I think my car will have elements of my all time favorite car the 911.
The only thing that´s clear right now is the tribal sign.
Cheers and lot of fun for all of you.


i had time to model the last two days.
hopefully i find time to finish this project right in time.
It´s so awesome to read the storys and to watch what the
others do.
This contest is really cool.
That's the meanest looking Porsche I've seen xD
Would be a epic car for any game.
Btw, are you planning to put lights on it? I think some offroad truck style round lamps would look cool on top of the windshield(?) frame, just an idea. :)
Could you cover texturing process with some extended number of pictures when you come to it? I'd like to learn some tips and tricks, when it comes to unwrapping high poly stuff.

So far great work. keep it up
Thank´s for your comments.
i appreciate it.
with this project,i´m trying another way.
That means i will model a few parts,and than i will texture them.
The last projects i did i always modeled all pieces and textured afterwards.
i had so many parts that i hated to texture them.
hope you like it.


Rockin job so far, bud! Its you, me, and Panesar doing dune buggyish things. Though it looks like you have a hella huge lead over the us in terms of progress. Also, im still shaking my modeling cobwebs off!

Still, great job and I can't wait to see the finished deal!

Sigh...! I wish I was half as good as that at texturing stuff :( Makes me realize, I am just a modeller and not an artist! :'(

Do you people learn this stuff from somewhere? or it just comes from within??

Thank´s guy´s for your comments.
that´s really motivating.

SamIAm1 : texturing a modelled part comes in my case always from within.
i´m still not very good at unwrapping but i dont`t realy care as long as
the result looks like in my imagination.
i think you can´t learn it somewhere you just have to try.