Postapocalytic Race - (vader66)

Nice update...! :)
Ummm, just thinking from overall balencing point of view, two smaller engines would please the eye more than one huge monster. This one's making me feel that its just gonna topple the car, the moment it starts running :)

What say?

Holy crap dude. You know we have until late October, right? You dont have to finish everything in the first two weeks, right? :p

Anyway, your work is steller! I see you have already started dingin up the frame, nice job! Needs more dinging up of the body panels: More dents, maybe some holes? Like, where the rust has completely eaten through the body? Also, definitely love the twin engines instead of the one monstrosity!

But why are your tires brown? Drive through a cow pasture?

maybe there where some cows on the road.
i couldn´t really see ,was to fast.
but you never know what´s gonna happen.
hard damage i will do maybe later.first i will model everything
what´s in my "head".

I like the two smaller turbines at the rear, the previous one looked too back heavy.

This is really inspirational and motivating me to do more.


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Love the updates but I have a question, you say that you model a piece and then you texture it..... do you create single image files for every single mesh you create???? Or you are creating a big UVMap and then fill it with the new meshes you create??? And the same for he texture file.... I'm just wondering :D

Cheers and keep it up!!!
Hi naMReg.
I create a texture-map for every single part.
i know this is not the best way to do but for me it is.
i want to have the control about every single texture-map and sometimes
i stack materials with different texture mapping.

Hi Minde.
maybe it´s because the bump is to strong.
i will fix that.



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Small big update I'd say :D

In the 2nd image, where the disk brake is shown, the scratches on the blue colored metal pieces... are those made using a displacement map? If that's so... could you show it????