postapocalyticrace [stefan de wit]

You should zoom in a bit more the next time you take a screenshot so we can see all the details you gonna add. :D Before adding any small stuff Id recommend to clean the mesh a bit though, getting rid of bumps and stuff. :D
Holy mother of monstrosity! Thats a big truck! Lol, great job though, keep it up!

P.S. You should consider puting the engine in the truck bed! Some sort of 16 cylendar monster would be awsome mounted like that!

thanks for the comment.
to scheafft what bumps Ithought it shoud be scavenged and bodged together?:p
to skrips i know that i have something to do with the bed but that part is still in the works.:artistic:
made some progress made a rollbar with a roller fairlead for a topwinch and made the front and rear roller fairlead with hook. sorry for the slow progress but im trying to unwrap the body to get some good materials on it but i am not getting anywhere with it maybe later otherwise it will just get some matt paint on it with some stickers.


Loving it! Nice work, and great concept! You know, ive just realized something. After we are done, we are going to have a motely assortment of post appocalyptic vehicles, Mad Max style!

tryd out some external render engines last week but it's really difficult to make them work with blender. the internal blender render can't handle the size of the drawing.
the next image is done in luxrender and it took him almost 9 hours and still wasn't finished maybe it's the speed of my computer. any ideas?



The Land Cruiser Maniac
Try Cycles render engine! You can choose between CPU or GPU rendering if you have CUDA Nvidia graphics card. GPU can render faster. Thats what I have seen.