postapocalyticrace [stefan de wit]

For myself i think that Yafaray is the best render engine for Blender. But even for Blender Internal, the key is to not abuse of subsurface scattering.
i was used to the blender internal render engine the problem was that it crashes every time i think the vertices are too dense. so now im trying to learn a external renderer.
just tried cycles render but it still crashes blender.
Blender hasalways worked flawlessly on my machine. Ive used it for years, and i have been using cycles more than most people, and consider myself a near expert with it. So lets try and figure it out. First, what are your computer specs? Ould be an issue with that. Next, how long has it been sinec you last reformatted your machine? Also, are your drivers up to date? What version of blender are you using?

Also, you could try posting a screen capture of your render settings for cycles. Might be you have an option that is checked that shouldnt be, or vica verca.

blender has always worked great but with this one i went to crazy on the vertiges there are over 2.000.000 my laptop has a dualcore intel processor and a 250mb nvidea graphicscard the only downside is that it is running on vista it has all its updates as far as i know im not a computer expert. i can render parts of my model but when i wanna take a render off the entire model than it crashes