Real World Racer : 2009 Lancer - Street Racer

Ok , I finally decided. I would like to have modelled a Jaguar XJ - DTM style, and I think it would look cool. But I dont have enough ref's or DTM knowledge to do a good job. So I decided to model a new Mitsubishi Lancer , (not an Evo), and will supertune it in a street race style. I think that will give me good scope for putting whatever wheels, bodykit I think is best. Will do concept sketch soon.


I hope DTM doesn't need too high skills, otherwise I will have to face an issue ;)

Lastgen Lancer does look good, I think you'll do a good job. But never, I say NEVER, listen to Catlin for rims !
Ha ha I know what you mean.
DTM was very tempting , but all those fins and vents? I dont know man.
It's too tricky for me just yet.
rcat - I own a lancer, so if you need reference pm me.
That's bad -you'll notice all the mistakes I make!
Ref photos would be a great help , especially lights/door handles/badges you know the usual stuff.

I definitely want a new Lancer for my next car , too bad I have a year left of finance on my current car.
Much , much faffing about on the pillar section. Then realised a whole line of chamfered polies were wrongly placed and started the whole area again.
It's getting there though.
Spent some time thinking about alloys. BBS are the norm I suppose , but I really like these AEZ Excite rims I found.



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Ouhhh man, Your bonnet looks great but you should tidy up your mesh. You've got a lot of mesh errors. Try to get equal sizes of gap between each poly rows ;)
Thanks guys, crits taken onboard.
I continued getting the shape worked out. The bumpers are deliberately left plain as I am yet to finalise a body kit. There is no sideskirt yet for the same reason.