Real World Racer : 2009 Lancer - Street Racer

It was meant to be an illegal f'n'f type race concept. But that super taikyu stuff is very interesting, I didn't know about those races. I'll do some research and see where it goes.
I started on the bodykit. Things will change for sure, I'll probably do the sideskirt again, I dont like it yet.
You cant see it but there is a vent behind the front wheel. It makes the mesh look strange but trust me it;s ok.


the front lip looks awfully large? I think you need a bit more edge loops if im honest, not sure where you are going with the bodykit a sketch or some rough idea would help
Some renders just to see how its looking. These wheels will change.
Gonna do the lights over the weekend.

My god there are about 24 entries in this comp and they are all fantastic.


Ok didn't do the lights yet. Went over my sektor 41 tutorials and built rims/brake disk and calipers. look as good as anything I've managed so far and I may use them.
Tyre sidewall is badly positioned I know.
Sidewall and rotor bitmap from Cg-Cars.


The car in the last pics looks a bit disproportiond (spelling?) like its to wide and missing some sleekness over the z axis.. however, your wheels look hot!


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I think it may look dis-proportioned because the car hasn't been finished and theres heaps of gaps.
It looks really good rcat and those wheels look insane!
Thanks for comments. Possibly right about the proportions though. It does look a little 'fat' from some angles. Started on the lights, they will be based on the lancer concept headlights. It's something I can imagine being offered by aftermarket suppliers. They are proving to be very difficult.

Oh yes , paint job will look very close to this second pic.-


I got a grille done. Can't see it very well due to some ugly shadows but the headlights are taking shape. Just did standard lights, the concept lights were a nightmare. Need more fixing.



I'm a bit concerned with overall proportions : it currently looks too short or too high. Did you resize the render ? Maybe the ratio wasn't conserved...

Tire looks really convincing, I love it. Whole model is nice as well, now it's time for details !!!