Real World Racer : 2009 Lancer - Street Racer

Thanks , I'll be sure to check proportions. The pillars are probably too thick.
Views like this make the back end look too short but it's just a trick of the eye.
I have thought it looks too fat for a while and it will be sorted.
Done some more work on the lights, getting a bit better, but still need to make the indicator which is proving fiddly.
Lots of other stuff to fix of course.

Edit - the headlight inner part wasnt smoothed , thats why its busting out the side - fixed now



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Great work so far and good luck and judging by your work i hope i'll be a worthy opponent with my subaru in this contest. Keep it up
Here's where I am with 2weeks to go.
This will be my final style for front and back renders.
Some fixing and detailing to be done on the car.
There will be at least one other exterior render and possibly a more ambitious scene if time allows but I doubt it. Very low render settings hence the patchiness.
It's not a patch on some of other entries , but it's as good as I've done so far and once again the competition has pushed me to improve me skills. I hope there will be plenty more to come.


Lol , thanks but it looks awful. Dont know why my monitor at home makes images look much darker, It's calibrated and setup properly. Anyway I'll get it shopped and reupped later.
Ok looking a bit better with a proper scene. Looks like a watercolour painting for some reason. Yeah, all textures just thrown on just to check it, I'll get fixing them. Bridge needs some detail.
Car is too small , but I'll probably put the lancer on the nearside and maybe an Impreza just behind. (Doesn't mean I don't like Impreza's though:D). Oh man , motion blur , I've never done that before , this could go wrong very easily.


Sure will. These are very low render settings with a simple gradient in the environment slot. (because my pc is so slow) Just fixing the car with final details and I'll make better renders. Thanks mate.