Real World Racer: 59 Aston Martin DBR1


Welcome as a poster, that's been a while without posting :) DBR1 is an excellent choice, that's a hell of a racer !

The model looks like a good start. Do you plan to use meshsmooth / turbosmooth / surface subdivision ? If so, please post a smoothed version to let us track bumps, if any.

Keep it up !
Update. I've finished the body with the exception of a couple of cut ins on the rear deck. Work has started on both interior and exterior trim I intend to repair the body issues at the headlight area and rear brake intake after I use 1 iteration of smoothing for my final smooth renders. The headlight lenses are temps as are any textures. The render is done with Mentalray in a studio box using two directional lights.



What a stunning update ! I especially love your attention to details for welds on front grill.

And your paint is so lovely, it really makes the car a beauty.
sweet lord! how can I possibly compete with this... I am looking for the worship smiley right now. seriously.. this model just breathes motor sports! *one little thing that I noticed though, where the windshield is riveted to the body the sheet metal seems to be a little bit thin.*
Update. Now that the dash cowl has been elevated the body is complete. The dash modelling is nearly done. I put in a couple hours on the tire. The tread is a little smooth when viewed close up however I find this helps with specular definition from more than four or five scale feet away. The rims are temps I imported from a 53 Allard 2JX I did a while back.

tom120934; A friend of mine got engaged Wednesday. I told her that her diamond looks really nice for something thats over 50 million years old. Although I have no intention of defining the hundreds of dings and scratches evident in my ref images. I do intend to dedicate a lot of time on my textures. Thanks for your imput.

Synetearis; Thanks for your complement. I have doubled the thickness of the sheet metal at the glass. Your observations are very much appreciated. Thanks.


Definitely my favorite in this contest.

*have one little comment though, the material of the tires still looks a little bit plastic.. I'll probably run into the same problem later on, but still*
Lol , I dont want to look at this thread anymore - its too good:)

Is there something freaky happening with the textures on the steering wheel?
Maybe its not mapped yet. Not sure.
If I'm honest i dont like the wood panelling, it looks a bit cheap and plasticky.
Very well done, I love all thes classic cars, the steering wheel is really nice may be ally is too bright IMO but the wood rim is perfect.
I agree with the wood floor.
Really beatifull, super smooth. Reflexions are looking simply fantastic.

I think having such a killer interior will be a big plus. Really good work.