Real World Racer: 59 Aston Martin DBR1

Love the steering wheel middle cap, very nice otherwise as wel.. just your RPM meter appears to be sideways =D
yeah you're right

nice model anyway... looks perfect :)
care to spoil us with some wires to drool all over? :D

edit: actually it seems that there are still a couple of details missing on the outside and a couple of things that are off

A- the mirrors look a bit to small, on the real car they seem to be higher and also placed above the windshield
B- another angle of issue A + but I'm not sure of this one since it differs from angle to angle, but it seems that the mounting for the mirrors starts curving lower to the bottom and also it's a rounder curve... but like I said, I'm not sure about this one myself so it's your call :)
C- first there is a sort of flap on the bonnet, apparantly it's only on the left hand side
secondly, the end of the side window seems to end lower to the door and also a bit more curved
D- the hubcaps are missing on yours...
and the lower lights seem to be much bigger
E- another angle from issue C.1 :p
F - an eject cord that seems to be still missing

good luck :thumbup:


Its been over a week, in which I haven't given this piece alot of time.

Astr0s; Thank you,the center hub is the only piece I intend to add any wear too. The tachometer is intentionally rotated such that as the engine approaches red line the needle indicator approaches vertical. This is common practice in many race bred vehicles with round instument gauges. It's intended to assist readability when driving the razer's edge.

Krystian; Textures are my weakness. I have to work very hard to achieve even decent texes. Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

darth carth; Wow, your crits must have taken you a couple of hours. I am in your debt. Thank you very much.
A- My mirrors, were as you mentioned way off. I have scaled them up 25%, raised them up a couple of inches, and adjusted the bend in the support bar. I also flipped the mounting bracket to the top of the bar where it was supposed to be.
B- See "A"
C-What I assume is the battery access panel, is as you say, missing. This piece is placed on the opposite side to the exhaust header and in this case would be on the right side. I still haven't installed the panel because I am seriously debating on switching the exhaust to the right side as would be correct for DBR 1/2. The 59 lemans winner. Mr Shelby's toy. I have corrected the door glass so that the back end sits lower and a little rounder.
D- The new Borrani wheels are now installed along with the correct Borrani knock-offs.
E- See "C"
F- The emergency fuel cut off ring is now in place
Once again, Thanks for your time and effort.
Very nice... and you seemed to fix most of the issues I layed out :) woohoo feels good to have been a little part in this amazing car :D haha

the wires look very clean, nice job on that ;)

There is still one thing that you apparantly missed in my post and that is that the lower headlights (high beamers I presume) are to little... I also understand that fixing this would take a hell of a lot of work, so you're free on that one :p just figured to point it out again in case did you just miss it and (if you're crazy enough) you do want to fix it ;)
I appreciate the feedback from everybody, thank you. Texturing gets very frustrating for me so I took a break and did a quick model of the 03 Ford Bronco Concept.

Darth carth; Your imput has persuaded me to do the things I have been hesitating to do. When I find the time I'll flip the exhaust to the right side, toss in the battery access panel on the left fender and scale up the "rainlight" openings. This should help me get rid of the litttle bump between the lights at the same time.

Jomar Machado; I took a quick peek at your gallery stuff and ended up staying an hour. You have obviously been an artist for some time and have developed a very unique graphic style. I love your use of color. Every piece pops out at you. A gifted artist or a hard working professionally educated one. Anyone reading this should take a peek or an hour to checkout Jomar's link.


Another awesome druggie 3D modeler! ;) I love the car, and your good at taking criticism, you'll go far. I have no crits, very well have my vote so far...close second is Advan, dont tell him.
Darth carth; Your imput has persuaded me to do the things I have been hesitating to do. When I find the time I'll flip the exhaust to the right side, toss in the battery access panel on the left fender and scale up the "rainlight" openings. This should help me get rid of the litttle bump between the lights at the same time.
hehe great to hear that mate... Like I said, it was my pleasure to give some pointers on this marvelous model...
Trully an amazing model really love the ammount of detailing that has gone in to it :)

oh and the ford looks great aswell... but it isn't the same as the DBR1, it just doesn't have that epic feeling around it :p
Simply amazing, been following every time I log onto the forum. I feel like I learn just by looking at your model plus its great inspiration for myself to learn and improve. Also, I really like the renders with 'darker' backgrounds, I think it makes your model stand out better from the surroundings.
Thanks "rhamm1320".

As I've mentioned before, I have to work hard at textures. I have never modeled a human either so my final renders for this car are somewhat limited. I thought I would try for photo-realistic in a museum type setting. This is still a WIP so if you have any crits you think might help me, please let me know. The image is full HD and weighs in just under a MB.



Man thats amazing.

The only thing i would say is tone down the black lines on the tiled floor and maybe ditch the red reflection of the car. I guess im saying to keep the reflections cleaner. Maybe they are spoiling that beautiful paint a bit.

Mate this is just my opinion though. I dont think you need me to tell you how to do stuff metabadger.:)
Thanks for your input chris20.

Image 1

I put a few hours into this scene. I'm fairly happy with it. A couple little tweeks and I'll call it done.

Some of the upates;
Thinned out picture frames out mounted them away from the wall.
Added texture to walls.
New Base Boards.
Removed DB2 from reflection.
Added DBR9, the woman, and the photographer to reflections.
Added a dozen Lights.
Removed the cloud texture from the floor tile.
Lightened up the grout lines.
New wall art

Image 2

This background is for the most part an older piece, however I took My background from image 1 and stuffed into my garage. The image is a test render. That's a Jag C-type in the garage doorway.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.



The museum render is improved a lot - and it looked superb already.
The reflections are making the cars look almost transparent on the second render.