Real World Racer : Citroën C5 Coupé DTM

To answer your question on the wheels, yes, DTM uses 18 inch. Do realise btw that a DTM car is totally different than a street car. In fact, only the roofline is almost the same.

Car looks cool, sometimes I do wonder how certain cars would look like DTMversions, this is a nice method :p


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Wow, Tom! That's hot.
About design wise:
To get pure DTM you should add tons of damn small wings and other aero things. Looks like you're going for it, nice ;D
About modelling:
There are some nasty places like this thing on side of the front bumper or this (dunno name) line going thru side of the body. I'm sure you can get it better :)


Thanks for comments.

CLR-AMG : yes they're really different. I've found a shot of a stock Audi A4 with its DTM little sister, it's really stunning : Audi A4 DTM Edition wallpaper # 08 of 16, MY 2005

Krystian : about the aero package, yes I'll add dozens of small surfaces later, mainly in front of front wheelarches and behind the rear ones. For the rear ones, I'll go with latest DTM style : some kind of "virtual" fender, like this :

Here's a small update, just more completion on the rear end.

I thought of changing my concept a bit : what about a Spider DTM version ? 8) As my trunk cover is pretty flat I could create a cabriolet with Aston V8 Vantage Cabriolet style :



Thanks chris20, glad you like it.

Now, it's time for ugliness !

I tried to model all the small wings behind the rear wheel (Audi A4 style), and it turned out to be really terrible. Below are 2 renders, without and with.

Small details added, btw. Badges, chrome trim at bottom of side windows, and large air intake in front of rear wheels.



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Hay Tom. I have been watching those pictures for quite some time.
Love the air intake for rear wheels, and all the details, bigger Citroen sing on the trunk(now it looks better), But those wings I don't know, look ugly... may be if there is less wings, may be make them little shorter?

Dunno well see what others think but I think its ugly :p


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NO! I completely agree with Panesar! That's mad man. Please leave it like it's now, it should look like DTM right?
Great design man


Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate to see you ... appreciate :)

Here's an update, I extended the chrome part all along the rear pillar and back window. Also done rims.


I must admit I wasn't really aware of the Citroën C5 Coupé. The car car looks really good. The stock one and yours. I would prefer the DTM version of course :D . The part behind the rear wheel is kind of interesting. The flat door is another great looking element. Cool ideas. I'm eager to see more.


oh ! nice work brother ...!

your modeling skills improved a lot since our last discussion :p !!

i like what are you doing now :) !!

keep up the good work .

Best Regards;
Salim Ljabli
I was'nt too sure about those fins behind the rear wheel. But they look very cool now. You've got to have them to suit the DTM style. Whole thing looks very good Tom.