Real World Racer : Citroën C5 Coupé DTM

Hi Tom. A realy nice piece so far. Some great custom additions without killing the marquee. I used my microscope to find two minor issues if your interested. Both have to do with curvature as are pointed out in the attachment. Crits are crits . Take em or leave em.

PS. Although I don't get too involved with SMC, I love to explore this site and appreciate all the efforts of its' members. Its rare to see such activity by moderators.

Cheers, Metabadger.



Thanks for your replies.

OriK, salim, glad you like !
chris20, I agree : the first version was really awful.
spitty3d, I will go for an interior if I have enough time.
metabadger, thanks for pointing them. I have to redo that whole part and the lower wing too.

Today's update is a really tiny one, just added the brake discs. I just started windshield, windows and rubber joins around them. Will be part of the next update.

I also started to sketch the headlights, after taking pics from my car. It was quite hard to shoot them in a useful way (I'm no great photographer) with all the sunshine of those last days. I just wait for the car to be be a bit dirty, it helped with reflections on headlight glass cover.

Now that I have good refpics, I realize the headlights are full of elaborated shapes, and it annoys me :) So maybe I'll just design new ones.



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/me looks at reflections on Tom's car -*lols*: nice flip-flops Tom xD

I'm big fan of DTM style (Especially visual) so if add it to my love to rally C5 it makes me so crazy happy to see this one. I cross one's fingers for you and this project :)


Thanks for fast replies !

stopp!ng, I dislike big rearwing too, but they're almost mandatory to achieve DTM style. And as I really dislike the kind you posted (no offense, really) I think I will keep it that way. I've seen that kind before, but it would prevent me from doing a nice rear end on the car.

Yes I will do a civilian C5 Coupé, I want to do a render combining both flavours, like the Audi A4 picture I already posted here : I wanted to keep my idea secret, but you got me !

Krystian, time will come soon for reflections. I didn't get you about flipflop, can you explain it to a dumb frenchman :) ? And you're wrong about rally : it's not a C5 but a C4.

Update, start of headlights with windshield and side windows now rendered as glass. I will try to finish modeling before moving to shaders & rendering.



Krystian, it's my offwork mode :) Better than suit & tie to stand with heat (35°C all week long)

Synetearis, glad you like.

Here's first renders with shaders :



Thanks for replies.

schaefft, I just have a diffuse map :( I should try to draw a bumpmap at hand, but I never did that before. Any lead / tutorial maybe ?

sergo, the color scheme is not defined yet. It was just a try. I will give white ones a try.

metabadger, thanks !

Synetearis, I guess it's just a matter of personal taste :)

Update, full rework of the front bumper and I also tried depth of field.

Great model Tom.
If you want my opinion I prefer the old bumper, it's more Citroen present style.
As for the DOF, I think that makes the car looking like a toy-model (i hope to have explained my idea). Really a good job on paint shader.

Cheers Dario


dppd69, thanks ! Yes the DoF was too strong, I removed it for now, I will try again with lower intensity. About the front bumper, it's actually quite accurate, whereas the first one wasn't. Please check with the following refpic :ën/Nouvelle C5/Citroen_C5_II_14.jpg

MARTS, glad you like. I like C5 as well, that's the reason why I bought one (if one day you're on the west, go to home if you want a ride :)) What about entering our contest ?

New render, cleaning on front end of the car.

What a cool drift we got here !!! :D :D
I've checked the bumper and it's pretty accurate. Great render and model as usual.

Cheers Dario