Real World Racer : FIA GT Zagato Perana Z-one


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Yes, Zagato!
Maybe first I'll tell you a story "How Krystian choose Zagato"
My first Idea was inspired by LeMans/SuperGT series + F1 Espace ;D. So, I wanted make a new class of racing: UberVan xD and a car which I wanted to do was Opel Zafira with SuperGT style body. That was really sick (maybe I'll post my tuned blueprints later). You should know what I'm talking about if you seen F1 Espace :0
Then, I realised that it's over my skills and my patience. So I decided to look for different car.
I googled about 30 mins and I found a beutiful Miura. So it made my try modelling a Miura again, but this time for some kind of endurace series.
Again... Now I took a look at some Top Gear mags, and then.... just imagine it: Aston Martin one-77 as race car O_O Something beutiful. But again (oh my god): My skills of modelling w/o blueprints are below 0 ;( so again nada.
But when I was googling for one-77 pics, an idea came to my mind " ZAGATO!" And that was it. I'm now 100% sure I can do it! Finnaly.

So It will be car prepared for GT class series (FIA GT; LMGT1/2). Still didn't know any other details but this will came during modelling. For now I did only a small piece of front so it's nothing to show yet.
About tehnique: I'm going for some kind of mid poly modelling: Don't worry about polycount, but no meshsmooth. Cuz I just suck at fixing MS errors :p

Stay tuned for updates.

EDIT: 1000th post here o_O
Cool car, and congrats on 1k posts.

I looked at this one once myself, and took the time to download all the wallpapers I could find. Can't truly remember if they all are posted somewhere here but I thought if you haven't gotten them yourself yet I might save you some time, and post them here.



Espace F1 is trendy, I thought about it too !

Zagato Perana GT is an excellent choice, I'm looking forward to see the sketch. And congrats for your 1000th post here, only 9588 left to beat NightEye ;)


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Thanks guys! Some progress pics below. One note: I forgot all damn high poly modelling rules so it'll be full of bumps and other mesh errors xD
I'm going to model a standard version and then apply some racish things