Real World Racer : Final Entries

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It's close to midnight, something evil's lurkin' from the dark, under the moonlight...

Erf... wait a minute... I'm wrong... wrong lyrics... sorry... I got it : it's close to deadline. And I won't talking about Michael Jackson.

It's just that our latest official SMC contest, the faaaaantastic Real World Raaaaaacer, is close to its end.

It's now time to thrill you... no, it's time to post final renders for your beloved entry ! Remember the rules : completed models (are) to be rendered into two main shots showing off the design at it's best angles. Studio renders would be fine, however creativity within renders is advised.

So please, post your 2 or more renders below, minimum 1280 pixels width, before the 14th of August, 23h59 GMT. One post for all your renders, no matters you post 2 or 10 pictures.

Keep this thread for final entries only, not to comment the work shown here.

Gentlemen, start your rendering engines !
1959 Aston Martin DBR1/2

Hi all. This particular model is based on the 1959 Aston Martin DBR1/2. The 2 desinates it as chassis two of five factory driven DBR1s. In 1959 Carrol Shelby and Roy Salvidori drove the car to victory at the 24 hrs of Le Mans. I believe I did a fairly accurate job. Thank-you to everyone who assisted with some very helpful pointers. You have pushed me to do what I consider, to be my best piece to date. These are my final renders.




Here's my Citroën C5 Coupé DTM Concept.

As I announced in the WIP thread, I was out of time to do as much as I intended. So here's my final renders.

Great job so far of the already submitted entries, so good luck to everyone !


Final renders. "Real World Racer" - so I tried to imagine something that I could actually own. Hence a stripped down , de-badged street racing Lancer.
Can't compete with the other wonderful entries , but once again big thanks to Tom and all at SM-Cars for the competition as I feel I've improved loads over the last few weeks. Can't wait for the next one.


Well I never thought I would this done in time. The model is only half done but I thought it would be best to enter something than nothing at all. The final renders are abit rough as I'm still very new to the 3d modeling world. I hope their good euff. Can't wait for the next contest. Good luck to everyone else that entered.


I made it. Kinda.

The car is still unfinished, much like it was a month ago already. So I reall did not use the time to make it good.

Anyways, I made it this far so here it goes - the monster-merc that ended up being silver instead of black after all.

The polycount is sky-high with raound 80.000 triangles, but that´s because I have modeled lots of things that could be done with textures, and haven´t been too efficient with the polies. I´m sure I could cut it to around 30.000 triangles without losing too much accuracy. For example one wheel and rim alone takes around 13.000 tri´s.

Right, enough of that. Here´s the car itself.


TommyKaira ZZII GTR Longtail

Here is my car, the ZZII, which is redesigned into a Super GT GT500 racer.

It is a game model, which has 50000 tris.

The front action render is done with readered motion blur(well, a GT car is supposed to be fast, right?:) ), now I am rendering the rear one, but I am not sure if I can make it before the deadline of the contest. The car has got a new set of rims when I put it on the track.

Update: Just finished the rear shot.


Real World Racer Invent F40

Here is my entry, I didn't think I was going to be able to finish enough to post. I still have a lot of work to do, mirrors, textures, etc.. I will post the progress on monday for comments. The car is a concept line that I have created called 'Invent'. Hopefully next contest I will manage my time better.

I also wanted to give props to everyone who has entered this contest, Amazing Work!!

Here is my car, hope you enjoy: :uhh:


Gyroscopic wheel

made as huge machines, drivers will sit in the hubcab and drive them gyroscopic wheels, which is possible in this time not affordable but possible :)

GL everyone - btw why isnt this thread locked already, some cheater could post after the deadline...

/Of course I'm taking it as a joke :)
//guess who



As an exception, the 2 entries by Woodroe_29a and AstrOs have been autorized to enter the final vote, even if the post did pass the time limit by an hour or 2.

If anyone disagree with that, let me know. Sorry crazy989/Panesar, there's nothing we can do about granting you skills ;) Jk of course.


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the soonest I could possibly get back, I checked this thread, and their two posts were in "5 hours ago" mode. and I checked the GMT time website, and the time was about 5 hours after the cut-off time, so as far as this thing can give as an accurate time measurement, they've met the deadline as far as I could see


I may have made a mistake, but I checked the thread at ~02:10 AM (continental France, local official time, with DST) which is 00:10 GMT. Those last post weren't there.

I guess it's no big deal, isn't it ?
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