Real World Racer: Holden Commodore Dakar

Im going to try to do this one. Hope I have enough time.

Idea is to give the commodore sportwagon the usual dakar treatment. i can here those ford fans tut tuting now.:) I actually thought of doing a territory but just love the profile of the sportwagon.

Ive shortened the rear end and lengthened the doors. Thinking this could push the firewall back allowing more room for big front suspension, drive shafts, diffs and large turbo diesel v8 (Not that i'll be modeling an engine) and would maybe even help with the weight distribution.

Started hacking up blueprints and came up with this, which will probably change as I go.



Started out nice and slow and carefully. But then realized how out of proportion my blueprints were. The flares were way too big and wide and the tyres were far to big. So I ended up just roughing out the basic shapes. So its very, very rough but im sort of happy with the general look now.



Bit of an update. Working mostly on the front end. May change the bonnet yet.

Very enjoyable just creating stuff and not worrying about making a perfect copy of something.:)


Lol. Yeah Mitsubishi "Lancer"o_O. At least the previous "Pajero" had the name of the offroad vehicles they were selling.

I dont understand the marketing angle in calling them a lancer. But they are/were both very cool looking weapons. Especially in the stealth bomber black testing mode.:)

Again the VW touareg looks nothing like its everyday off the showroom floor version.

Im trying to keep it slightly more commodore like. Sort of.....

I quick render while the F1 is on.


A little more progress. A bit more refining of the body. Made the inner door panels and started to rough out the spaceframe. Also started on some wheels.


Thanks Astr0s. Yes tubing was way too thin. Beefed that up.

Also made some progress with the front suspension which is based on pajero dakar suspension. Looks like the springs/shocks, upper wishbones and hubs are pretty much the same from front to rear. The lower wishbone will change though.


Thanks a lot guys.:)

Made some more progress. Not sure about the rear lights. Also the gull wing doors? Maybe they sort of look too heavy for this sort of treatment? I dont know.



That's indeed the kind of detailing I love. Keep it up that way !

What about a clay render with higher quality settings for lighting ? It would help to see all the work you've put into it.