Real World Racer: Holden Commodore Dakar

Thanks guys.:)

Added some new wheels and tyres.

Heres a clay render Tom. Had another front on one which just crashed:(:(:(
A bit strange, blender has been pretty stable for me so far.

Will post another tomorrow.



This is looking great. I can't see a single item to crit. Nice design. Nice and clean. Nice render. A really nice piece. Did I say nice?



Thanks for clays. They really do justice to your work, the model is really nice.

You should details headlight a bit more. They look rather simplish at the moment. Also, the tire thread details should be smoothed at their bottom, to have them smoothly integrated with the tire body.


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I don't like the rims and the steering wheel. Rims, just doesn't fit to dakar, that's my feel, but about steering, it looks flat, o_O Don't know what exactly affects that. The rest is awesome :) Keep it up.
Both good points Krystian. Went back to my OZ wheels. As for the steering wheel. It was modeled on the vw touareg wheel but you where right in it being a little too flat. I have added some dish to it.


Astr0s. Thanks mate. Yeah i've been thinking about the desert scene.

I've done this at work today (whilst I should have been working).:D

All done in maya then comped together in photoshop. Basic Perlin clouds over a gradient for the sky. A heightfield terrain for the mountains. Dunes are modeled (roughly) then rendered with Mental ray sun sky. After that just a bit of colour correction in photoshop. Im kind of happy with the look but im going to add a bit rock and pebbles to give it that Chile feel rather than the Sahara look. And I will add a dune texture to the areas closest to camera.