Real World Racer: Holden Commodore Dakar

So I'm scaning this thread from the begining again and I noticed a couple of things I thought I would share with you. First I thought that you might want to consider pushing in the door glass a tad to better define the frame, then bam, a diffuse render. That fixed that problem. Then a couple of posts later I see a bent tex on the rear wing, then bam, the tex is lined up perfectly. I dont know what it is with you. If you want some crits then you have to do something wrong. Get it together man!

Did I say Nice.

Hey thanks a lot Metabadger. But there are plenty of problems. Missing parts mostly. Oh and the small matter of needing to work out how to do two sided materials.:(

Im really struggling to find time at the moment so ive just done a render with the doors open. Need to add hinges to the rear door. (More missing parts...:()


Looking really good. One of my favs. Watch the specularity on your tires, its a little heavy. If one of your final submissions shows the rear hatch open, you have some sheet metal work to do, sharp corners and thickness. If your using Maya I can help you out with your double sided texes although a You-tube search on the subject will net a decent tutorial.

This time I know I said Nice!

Thanks metabadger. Im using blender for the most part. Although used maya to set up my clouds and mountains. I think I will end up modelling an inner skin to those panels if I have time. Will back of those tyres. Thanks for the tip and offer of help mate.:)

Chris912. Na no dirt. The thought of dirt still makes me shiver after doing my bluesmobile. Not an easy thing to get looking right. Although you've got yours looking nice. Going more for the clean look.