Real World Racer : Mazda RX-7


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Nice advan, very nice! I've picked up the adv painter as well, really simple to make grass, just make some splines or wat ever in diff sizes, attach to one mesh, proxy them and use adv painter to scatter them around, awesome!
@catlin - I basically went to google maps and found a topview of adenauer forst. I made a plane and made a basic shape of the track. Then I went on to GT4 to check where the elevation changed and such. And for the zooming thing, well what I found useful is to select the part you want to work on and press Z so that the camera just focuses on that bit. Then press Z again with nothing selected to rotate around the whole scene. Pretty useful when you're working on small details on cars imo.

@crazy - indeed but I wanted to do the nurburgring in particular because of the trees. I just think it would look awesome in CG when everything is rendered as a clay.

Well if someone can do that so can I

@krystian - woot, only use 1.83MB for the clays below. those proxies are teh best.

@astr0s - haha yeah

Just laying out the fence posts, except they look too big lol.


dam this is gonna look fantastic!

If you did an animation, could of used Vue, but thats only if you have a copy, Vue is fantastic for moving plants and trees, but slow render times.
do you have height data? or are you just using refs to evaluate the heights, I think i know this part of the track, near a slalom of quick and sharp turns with large banked corners
Very awesome! I use vray scatter at work for some projects, it is fantastic and the render times are pretty good, are you going to use a render farm? for an animation?
@Catlin - yessir
@crazy 989 - I'm just using references.

With trees, too bad I didn't make them lol. Besides they aren't the same trees on Nurburgring. So I have yet to figure out how to model a tree :\



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Dang that looks fantastic!

Those trees look very big compared to the track, so watch for it when your done making those trees!
Yeah, looks like theyre 40 meters tall :D Render looks amazing though, should look absolutely brilliant with textures, the car and nice sky reflections
hay advan good work until now i'm looking forward to see your next full render , but i just want to ask you about the render of thise proxy time , is it fast or still slow?
advan..would you be able to give a tip on setting the lighting up like that.Ive made my own track the past few days(Castle combe circuit here in england) Ive set up a vraysun with pretty much default settings and using vrayphysicalcamera. Now you do play with the vraysun settings much and concentrate on setting the camera up? would just like to understand this vraysun :D. Also i found it better when i turned on the GI for vray is that what you do?
@et - hehe yeah, the leaves are huge too
@midoo55 - I actually don't know for sure cause I didn't try rendering it without use of proxies. But it didn't take long to render with proxies either, probably 2-3 minutes.
@catlin - its pretty simple, takes me like a minute to setup. Since I like making illustrations....
@4yBak - :] cept im not sure if scene has to be scratch made too, but i'm doing it incase.



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Nice, thanx for, hm how to call it - small tutorial advan, useful info! I will try it! I have idea to model drag strip (maybe Santa Pod).

Good Luck!