Real World Racer : Mazda RX-7



Ay advan, You should make trees using two crossed planes about the size as the tree itself, and map them with alpha textures :]
^ ^ you could do that, or if you manage to find a script that does this - map a plane with tree texture, and rig it so it faces the camera all the time, this could work I think...
made some progress. Looks a bit crap now but I haven't spent much time yet rendering. Just getting modeling and texturing done. Also, I have a problem with rotation. When I rotate my tires 45 degrees, and then trying to rotate them in that direction, it just wobbles all over the place. Any way to make it so that i can spin the tire in a 45 degree direction?


45 degrees, I assume you mean rolling forwards, rather than steering?, well it should only wobble if your wheels have cambered, in that case use a local pivot to rotate without wobbling, works for stills.

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if you animate the wheels spinning in their default rotation position, then link them to a dummy/point helper, you can then rotate the dummy to whatever orientation you need and the wheels should spin correctly while pointing in the new direction
thanks guys, i got it working now. Small render for now. I fixed the leaf size and added some more in. Next i'll add a mountain backdrop and then start making a scheme for fd. hehe, i'm starting to enjoy making this scene now.


I could have sworn that I had commented on this piece a couple of times. Lord knows I look at it often enough. I must have decided not not to swell your head with all compliments.



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your scene looks to have promiseof looking very realistic, but it looks like it has too much contrast (lights are too bright, darks are too dark)
thanks all, I think i'll try to find a nice photo of nurburgring and copy the lighting. + I think some rain would look uberly cool :D Maybe If I have time i'll try that.

A buddy of mine suggested that I make this. So i photoshopped it some and I like it a lot.

It's not much for now, trying to get the UVmap right for the rear half. lol, needs work on the color of blue banner


wooooooooooooooooooooo, 5 minutes to make the skin, 12312319308 minutes to make uvmap >:|


lol just ignore the texturing error on other white parts, forgot to make a different material without bitmap


ya tell me about it , it's take so long

back about the v-ray scatter , i found by accedant a free scater tool made by some one (i didn't read all becase i'm not intreseted with it at the moment ) and it's free to downlaod too , i thought to tell you that if you don't know man
the link :

and one more thing , is there a way to put a colure map in diffuse slot if there was an fallof map iside diffuse slot too , i don't want to blind them becase the map it's not a white & black map , i'm having car matirial with fallof map in diffuse slot and i'm also want to put an bitmap also to the same matirial

good work there man i loved your car skin , good luck with the rest of the car