Real World Racer : Mazda RX-7


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F*** me that looks so sweet, but the side in the front looks still a bit empty and im not personally fond of the yellow lights :p


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Hmm. love the paint, but I just notice ... aren't the side mirrors in drivers dead view, I mean I'm sure that driver is not able to see those mirrors.

try a camera view from inside (like from drivers head) and see what you have, because thats a big problem if i am correct ;)

overall very good model, may be put something more on textures like more sponsors or something, the white color in front looks empty ;)

Ou and for the Render you should try night whit light on , try to set up something like moon light, I think that would look cool :D

any way good work , and keep it up xD
@olddog - lol, you can only see through the left side mirrors. But oh well, it's an RX-7 thing, so thought i'd add some classiness to the model.

Not much of an update, getting memory errors XD and super slow render times with this displacement map for grass. So I'm trying this distributive rendering thing built into v-ray and hoping it takes a few minutes off. BTW, grass does look better than this, I just photoshopped it and the levels made it lose some detail


thanks chris :]

NEEEED MOAAAR RAM. lol, for this particular render, had like 300mb left of ram left before i get the lame "Virtual memory running low! *gasp*" Anywho, attached meh fancy over blurred photoshopped version for fun. Was inspired by a black/white + color photo. And yes, the car is off the ground on the left side - cuz its super crazy like that yo!


oh yea thats looking great indeed maan, just needs a lil blast of fire coming out of that exhaust, we wanna see more of this D: so you better use proxies or smth :p
You think you need more ram? I got 8GB and i still need more ram, I cant render you car anymore as it wont let me, it cant allocate that much ram.

Nice progress. Hopefully it will turnout very nice.
@spitty - totally.
@nosh - :[ yeah, i guess i'll try to add some stuff like handrails for spectators. Maybe a tent, i dunno.

It's not much, needs work on the sky. Yeah, pretty much done, i'll just work on the lighting and other stuff in the next week. Front view renders later. Now i'm off to make a driver :eek:


i suggest u put plain trees in the back(plain + tree texture + opacity) so it feels like there's more of them instead of blue sky :) it just looks strange now ..
Nice! Looking great to me. I remember when nobody ever bothered with scenes etc back in the day and now everyones having a go. Great to see.

Out of interest, what specs are you using to run out of RAM?