Real World Racer : Mini Rover - Super race car

where the heck is 5 million polys....even some of the most detailed work dosnt have this. are you using x5 turbosmooth or something its not needed really.
i know , but all that becase i used turbosmoth at maximum at x3 , noun object have more than that level ,

the body it'self mybe have about 1.5 m or mybe 2m , qand turbo smooth x3

the alloy inside have turbosmooth at x2 becase x3 look the same on this object so i consider some object's and what's there needs not just throwing turbosmooth on every object on my eyes

all the work is turbo smoothed even the littele dittailed object becase i will give it a close shoot render later so mybe some people not consider that

the sests it self have some high poly , and there are two of them

the breack , nitrous mirrors inside cage , exhaust , steering wheel , front head light , the ditailed inside of the headlights , the frame of the front and back window

i don't know if that every thing i'm just tired of conting objects

the major object's theat make it 5.5million is : main Body , the wheels , seets , nitrous and exhaust , this is not an midpoly work , if you want i can give you a render at 5000 res , to see how high poly is that and noun low poly object's you will see

now for that i don't know if the mesh smooth will give less than this number
but i will try to cut down some turbosmooth on some surfece to see if i can get lees polygon with the same result , ineeded to move on win xp 64-Bit to continue my work and upgrade my work too
Use multi-sub object material where possible to condense materials.
EDIT - I looked properly and you are already - so now you could clear the material slots used in the multi/sub object.
Use the dropper tool if you need to edit later on.
i gues no need now to do it , all area that i want to cover are now covered with matirial , i really had been mybe about a month now ( mybe i don't sure ) working every day on the modelling ,lighting,fixingr,testing and adjusting every thing , it's really take a lot of me to get to thise result that i didn't reach befor so to me it's an big progres to achive that level of every thing , igues i will stop for the moment becase my hande and my brain is a littel tired , mybe i will stop for a week , after that i will try to put some pins on the hood mybe or adjusting some thing or acheve new level of rendering , thanks for help
Halloo again , i just want to say that i was capable to cut down the polys to 1,8 Million insted of 5,5M poly , i deleted all turbosmooth from big parts and i use insted the nurmbs sub divisuion and suddenlly it's converted to about 1.8 million poly , i'm really amazed of that number becase i saw other cars on the net and other people work , and it's about 1,7 to 1,9 depend on the car it self , so i fixed that problem becase i was also wondring how come it's more than 5 million , and even the body still Turbo smooth now the all work is about 1.8 million poly:grin:

and i changed the car look from the tires to the coloures and adjusted the camera angel to show the best angel of the car also , those render will be close to the final render i will be doing at the last of the month mybe

i'm looking forward to upgrade the render if i will have time , but i'm really happy with the result i get to it for now , or mybe just leave render level at this stage and looking for some thing ealse to do , i don't know what for now but i will think of some thing:alien:

i hope your screen is big enogh to watch the whole 2048x1536 render photo

all c&c are welcome at the moment


had been some dayes i didn't post any , so i'm working now on some new sence on like on high way street with some of grass land at the back with sky , i did some test and i replaced my car with another light poly car to builde the sence and render on 32-bit os , becase 32-bit os have limited ram for about 1.5 giga for each program to use , so max will keep closing at my face , either this or i will need to open the 64 -bit os that i have some intrenet driver issue on it

i'm still working on the lighting , mybe it's will be a moving sence , or fast car running on the green side of the city , mybe later i will cover the edge between green land and sky with some trees , it's will be far and no details on it

i'm just busy thise dayes and i have some finacials corses i will take after two weeks mybe so i will try my best , Although i like the studio shoot

all c&c are very welcome from every body


and there are another combustion sence i working on it too , i really can't decided wich two i will choase , i really like the studio , grass sence and combustion , the HDR provided by
and it's free also

i hope you like it , sure the prespective need to adjust a littel bit


i think it looks pretty damn good
the only thing is that the grass is just too bright
otherwise - awesome
thanks "sergo' for your opinion, i really don't know about the image i still feel the sun need some work , i will try to finish it on a harry becase there is now 14 dayes left now
i'm just having some truble if some one can give me a hande in this , i have the matirial for the car having a Fallofe map at diffuse slot and i want also to put some decals how that can be done , is there a way around it ? i just don't want to delete the fallof map


ok forget what i ask about , come to see this render i finally stysfay about it , it's not a mini car any more people , that's is what i can say is the finish all left is some adjusting to outside and some inside

i will post a bigger ones soon wtih complete decals on windows

i'm start to think buy a mini hhhh:D:grin:


this is really good i like the model and the paint, but why do you have four side view mirrors?
thanks man
i don't remmeber where i sow 4 mirror before , but i can't keep thinking of it , i didn't see any one comment on it befor or say somthing that related to this 4 mirrors so i leave it like that , i gues i will remove them now after you comment on it

i did it from idea of getting a good angel whenever the driver need :alien:
your roll bar is kinda thin should be abit more thicker other then that look great
yes i notic that today when i looked to some mini magazine i hade the roller bar is need to be more thicker , i'm acctully having some idea from that magazine really , i will uploud the reall car after a minutes stay tuned

and i really sow your car andi love the basic of it can't wait to see how it's looks at the end

now i hade been working about more than 7 houres continue , i did some improvment to some details and i put finally the mini logo i made it from no photo just start the max and serched on google but no blueprint and sure the decalse too had some improvment

happy watching


i hade some imagination about how it will looks after changing the back tiers with big drag race one

i just did it for fun , i thought to puch this mini a littel up for drage race tiers too


it's time to move fast now , did some new work at the high way sence that will make 1 sence left i will posted after the contest, it's 1st time in my life that i'm working in 3 diffrent sence at the same time spichally i'm switching between 32-bit and 64-bit os every time i want to do some work

, i did a lot of grass behinde and mybe i will extende the space of grass more , this sence show the car more lovley than the studio , any one want to race? in the sence sure i wouldn't minde.

i did a close look too to see the details on the car and the mini brand , no photoshop work no HDR image used and no background sky , it's all 3dsmax envoirment

i will upload the real car from magazine that having some main look like my car later today or tommowro

all comment and question are very welcome any time any where.


Tho's tires will make that Haul A$$
hhhhhhhhh yes it will do , i just thought to do something like the photos here as you can see big fat tiers , but it's only a thought becase if i did this i need to put a supercharger at the front that fiting the whole concept too and also the contest only give you two render images to do , so it's will be just wast of time if i do thing that i don't need at this time , i will see what will come up next , a lot of image will be posting after the contest too and will be rendered from diffrent angels


Hey, it's been a while since I commented. Your last two renders are awesome. A couple of fine tuning crits. Skip the fat rear tires for drag racing. You got yourself a front wheel drive car. Pirelli will not sponsor you if your running Bridgestones. Watch the sharp edges on the track curbing. Kill the reflection on your fencing. Great road texture but needs to be scaled. You did a great job with the Mini badge. Thin out the cylindrical piece. Think about moving your hood tie-down pins closer to the unhinged end of the hood rather than in the center. Better yet, one in each corner, no hinges less weight. If your driving light brackets will be seen in your final renders, add the tie-down nuts and wiring. All of your sponsor's white logos get washed out by the paint. Sixties style door handles would not require you to adjust your body geometry and would greatly enhance your model.
I hope some of my crits help out.


P.S. Did I mention door handles?