Real World Racer : SUV Touge

Yeah, read it again, hit yourself, and read once more - it does say that. :p thought it would be a cool idea, was either that or a Ferrari LMP, bored so went for the more fun option, weight reduced SUV built for Touge races along japanese mountain roads :D Few Suvs in mind,

The Nissan Patrol

Jeep Grand Cherokee(this one looks cool, might go older gen though)

Ford Explorer

Im probably just going to take pieces from them and create my own concept - I hope to finish this but no guarantees - long and strange summer ahead of me.

EDIT - ooooooh 999 posts, dont call emergency services im okay :D

EDIT 2 - nice inspiration, RX-7 SUV?
forgot about that one actually :p umm might do a change of plans, the whole idea is becoming more ridiculous and stupid as I study into it : /
"more ridiculous and stupid" then you should get something from european old school,
Lada Niva or UAZ, there made for breaking walls, and drivnign thrue mountains so model some of them