Real World Racer - THE POLL!

Who did best Real world racer?

  • allrob - Jaguar type D

    Votes: 9 10.7%
  • metabadger - 1959 Aston Martin DBR1/2

    Votes: 19 22.6%
  • chris20 - Holden Commodore Dakar

    Votes: 10 11.9%
  • midoo55 - Mini Rover

    Votes: 7 8.3%
  • tom120934 - Citroën C5 Coupé DTM Concept

    Votes: 1 1.2%
  • Kran - Pontiac GTO Dragster

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • rcat - 2009 Lancer - Street Racer

    Votes: 1 1.2%
  • HaZ-R-DuS - Ford Falcon GT HO

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • JaZu - M.I.B -Mercedes In Black

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Arthur Dent - 1925 Tatra T-12 Targa Florio Racer

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • ArnoldWong - TommyKaira ZZII GTR Longtail

    Votes: 9 10.7%
  • advan - 24HR Nurburgring Mazda RX-7

    Votes: 10 11.9%
  • Woodroe_29 - Invent F40

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Astr0s - VW Passat B6 Pikes Peak

    Votes: 18 21.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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You have one week to pick one.
Rules are simple:
No voting for yourself
No any other cheating :)



[TITLE] chris20[/TITLE]

[TITLE]midoo55 [/TITLE]






[TITLE]Arthur Dent[/TITLE]




[TITLE] Astr0s[/TITLE]

Added Spoiler tags to make it load faster :)
what happened to my entry? :(

do we vote through poll.... or by stating on here?

EDIT- seee the poll now... but takes ages to load :p

EDIT 2- to avoid further off topic, until this year F1 had treads... :p:p:p
advan : man , i say thanks , in fact you did good work too and every body also did

nosh_dir85: i thank you for your vote

i just don't want people to hate me , but i'm going to not stating who i will vote for at the moment becase most of the other works made by pro members too, that's all i can say


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my vote went to - Astr0s - VW Passat B6 Pikes Peak
I've followed alot of the threads from start to finish, and everyone did a great job, I've based my vote on the understanding of the car and how it could be converted, rather than flashy renders :D

Astr0s car is probably the most technical in terms of design as its such a standard car turned into such a great beast, and very belivable, only a shame the final renders dont do it justice... but I see it as the best entry.

a close second for me would be metabadger, an awsome model, and a third would be Midoo55 with his take on the Mini

everyone did a great job, and its been really fun to follow the progress of everyone over the last couple months
I voted for metabadger and his Aston Marton. The car is beautiful, the car model fantastic and when I am honest, there is no other rendering with that quality


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can anyone vote on this? .. i have a favourite, but on the bottom of the poll it says " Voters: 27. You may not vote on this poll"

The IC

uses too many smileys
can anyone vote on this? .. i have a favourite, but on the bottom of the poll it says " Voters: 27. You may not vote on this poll"
we had to implement measures against voting abuse due to certain issues that happened in a past contest...
Time for comments...


Beautiful model, beautiful renders. What more can I say? Only thing to give it away as 3D model is the unreal immaculate condition of the car. Great work neverthless.


Another fantastic model, very well done. I think the same applies here as with the allrob´s model, perfect but the cleanliness gives it away. Great work.


This is an interesting model. I think it´s well made, and looks very purposeful and realistic. Everything is made down to the smallest detail, looks fantastic. The renders are also very well made. Don´t want to repeat myself but again the super-clean outlook looks bit strange. But, as with the previous ones, great work.


Well, this is atleast wild if nothing else. The renders and materials are absolutely wonderful, very realistic. But there is something in the model that makes it look bit bad to my eye, maybe it´s the too cartoony proportions. I also feel the body is bit inaccurate. Great renders and materials, but the model leaves me bit cold. Overall, good work.


Shame you could not finish it! The concept is mad, and looks very agressive.
The model itself looks good, but would of course need to be finished to judge it right. Design-wise I feel I would smoothen out the fender flares a bit, they look too "extruded" to my eye. Renders are crisp and well lit. Might benefit from some additional things for the car to reflect. Good work afterall.


Agressive looking GTO there. Materials and renders are ok, model engine detailed rather well but I feel it´s body bumpy and inaccurate. Also missing details on the outside like windshield seals and door cutouts, tire textures etc. Ok work in general but much to improve as well.


Ok´ish work here. Render setup is nice, would benefit from more dramatic light and better texturing. The model itself seems inaccurate to me. Different materials might also help in more realistic look. Ok work, but room to improve in all fields imo.


Looking nice here, but clearly unfinished. Model looking rather good, the renders are bit plastic-looking.
Hard to judge from these pictures, but I´d say good work when it´s all done.

Arthur Dent

A brave, different entry. Model details look nice, but the materials and renders are bit plain. Would clearly benefit from some textures! Nice to see bit more special cars here too, tough. Ok work.

Arnold Wong

Great looking stuff! Model looks awesome, great details and materials. I feel the renders have maybe too much contrast, it makes them look deep but also eats away lots of the car´s shape. Great work in any case.


Clean modeling as usual. Great materials and balanced light in the studio-render. Outside render is maybe bit too dark to my liking. Anways, great work and nice model.


Well this looks crazy, and actually I think it looks fast. The model is very cartoonish in proportion and detail tough, and so does not quite nail it. Materials and renders could also be improved, they look rather basic now. But it´s OK work I think, just push it on bit farther.


It´s great work again. Very clean and detailed model. The renders are not showing it all tough, so there is alot to work with them. I think in the outdoor shot the light is bit dull, and coming from and odd angle. (Why show the shadow-side of the car?) Also the same cleanliness is very obvious. But, great work, just render it well when you got the time. Also I like the mountain dew paintjob.

After all this pondering, my vote goes to Allrob. Just good, clean work and calm, good renders.


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Thanks for the awesome feedback jazu (mine and others). Unfortunately i couldnt render the scene i wanted before the time was over and its not fair to show it now before the poll ends.

thanks for the votes everyone
Wow such amazing works here !

Knowing that it's a short contest, I call all your work a incredible performance !

I used the show/hide function of spoiler to make my vote, very usefull :) And after a loooong reflection I can make this leaderboard, even if I can pick up only one :/

1st : Astr0s I luv your scene, even if some details are missing like smoke turning around tires, sparks and other little things :p

2nd : midoo55 I'd like to see other car on the track where your Mini's going :p A great job here :)

3rd : allrob you made a very nice car, but it's too static to me :/ Very clean render, I like it :)

Bye !
My vote went to chris20's Bogandore Dakar Truck, mainly because it's an almsot perfect demonstration of skill and creativity.

The idea of this contest was to take a car that you wouldn't normally see participating in a motorsport, and talor it for one. Most I thought took the easy road, whereas I could see chris20 (although choosing a Holden 8(), right from the start, was keen to step outside of the safety zone.

Great job chris20!!

Also, I noticed too that some haven't read the Rules properly in submitting Front AND Rear final renders to properly show off the car. Make sure you read them properly next time guys, as it could mean the difference between a Winning Entry and just missing out ;)


hey !!

you all did great job guys !!

i really loved all those works , but i prefer what Advan did also astro and midoo55

so my vote goes for Advan.
All fantastic entries.

My vote went to Advan. Great model and great work on his scene.

I loved Astros VW and would have voted for it but it wasnt quite finished.

Also the Jag and Aston Martin are just stunning.

Special mention to Haz r dus' Gt. Awesome Oz muscle mate.

Doc. Thanks mate. I know it must hurt to vote for the "bogandore".:p