Real World Racer : VW Passat B6 Pikes Peak


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Some progress ive made today. The (hopefully) final airflow system or what not for the car is as following: air intake -> filter -> turbo -> IC -> supercharger -> intake manifold -> exhaust manifold -> turbo -> muffler



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It goes alike this:

Only that my is a V6 and therefore there is a turbo for each side's exhaust manifold. Again.. im no mechanic or engineer :D


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Yup, mine's a bit similar, i looked at the S4 and Triflux systems too, but went for a bit different.. Ive' just got no IC after the supercharger, im not quite sure the TFSI has an IC.. and even if it has, ive no refs or idea how and where to place it and so on :p

Edit: Actually, i just checked one ref and it appears that there's cooling system built-in in the engine cover & supercharger



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what ridiculous amounts of detail.

if that were built into say, a 1993 Saturn SL1, a very fine scale model of it could be built indeed. XD

but it's looking quite cool, keep it up :D
man that engine looks superb, really nice modeling going there, but imo the roll cage should be more detailed if you are going to render the whole thing without the body
looks hott!!!! but im just not feeling the dirt on the side of the car maybe your not finished or something... id really love to see it unveiled or something.. camera flashes everywhere... and of course the car clean and polished that's going to make the car even hotter jizz in my pants material lmao